1991 Trail Weekend

Aside from sporadic work in the summer, most of the trail construction for 1991 took place on the trails weekend in September. On this lovely weathered weekend, eighteen staff alumni put in a fine scouting effort to blaze a three kilometre section of the Cooper’s Loop from Hurst Lake to North Lake.

Highlights of the weekend included: Jeff Wilson’s bridge erection, John Jansen’s instruction on the finer points of Botswanan work ethic (the “bake”), and his brother Joel’s dirty jokes.

Others present on the weekend were:

Giles Alder (89-91), Katrina Angel (89-90), Kevin Bell (89-), Jason Brearley (87-89), Nigel Glover (81-85), Steve Holysh (78-82), Dave Taylor (83-87), Morgan Illsley (88-91), Mark Purcell (80-84,90-), Thom Smith (81-83), John Stephens (82-84), Shirley Whitwell (81-), Kent Taylor (86-90) andKen Wrigglesworth (81-82,85-86).


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