1994 Trails Weekend

This year saw the largest gathering to date of Alumni and friends for our annual fall Trails Weekend which was held September 16-18, 1994. This gave us a chance to catch up on some much needed maintenance, reconstruction and finishing of trails which had taken a back seat to the reconstruction of Kennabi Lodge over the last year.

Major reconstruction was done on the JC Trail between Mislaid and Drag Lakes. Apparently the Composite Scouters this summer felt that we had understated the condition of this section of trail in the Trail Guide when it was described as being in “slight disrepair”. Major clearing and re-marking should make this trail more useable over the next few years. The final clearing and marking of the Pike’s Peak Trail extension between Moore and Minnie Lakes was finally completed. The Cooper’s Loop, Dobson Trail, Lost Lake Trail and the remainder of the Pike’s Peak Trail were also patrolled, cleared and re-marked.

In addition to trail maintenance, we were able to help finish some work on Kennabi Lodge and assist Ranger Murray Crimless with some other camp work. As always those in attendance enjoyed their share of socializing and fellowship.

Thanks to Katrina Angel (89-90), Kevin Bell (89-93), Dave Blackburn (88-92), Jeff Bonin (93-94), Mark and Georgina Burns (88), and friends Sean and Trevor, Dave “Chip” Cipollone (93-94), Todd Damery (92-94), Jeremy Debling (86-90), Deneige Eisner (93-94), friend Heather and Mrs; Eisner, Heather Gillies (88-89) and friend Heather, Andrew Joyce (89-91) and friends Andrew, Andrew and Richard, Alicia Matier (92-93), Mark Purcell (80-84, 90-92), Eric Scott (94) and Mr Scott, Greg Taylor (91-94), Duff Warren (94) and friend Joe, Shirley Whitwell (81-), Don Wrigglesworth (86-88) and friend Robin.


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