1996 Trails Weekend

Building the Pee Pond Bridge at 1996 Trails Weekend (Colin Quinn standing on Bridge)

This weekend combines camp service with a social opportunity. Each fall, a large number of Alumni gather at camp to clear, renovate or rebuild some of the 35 km of hiking trails at HSR during the day and renew old friendships each evening.

Finished Product – to last 14 years.

During the September 1996 weekend, twenty-five Alumni built a brand new, sixty foot bridge across Pee Pond to replace the previous route over the crumbling beaver dam. Although the base was built from two large pines felled at the site, all the lumber for the runners and decking had to be carried in from Moore Lake to Pee Pond. Thanks to John Pollock (?-96) and his father for arranging donation of lumber for the decking.

Check out a great photo of the new bridge at the left (yes that’s Ab Morrow on the bridge!)

There was also maintenance work done on the Pike’s Peak and J.C. Trails.

Thanks to all for their hard work including those who laboured in the kitchen to feed everyone!

Fall 2010 Update:

At the 2010 Fall Trails Weekend, the bridge which had now rotted out and become dangerous, was demolished and the trail re-routed around the south and west sides of Pee Pond. (See Pee Pond 2010)

On the ramp



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