Member News

Christie Aylan-Parker (94-96) will be working for four months for the Ministry of Agriculture in Guelph.

Peter Aylan-Parker (90-94,96-97) is currently working for the Cabinet Office of the Provincial Government of Ontario and living in Toronto.

Katrina Angel (89-90) will be leaving the OCAA to start a new job at York University on June 14th.

Chris Wren (91-93) reports that he is currently working for a multimedia company in the heart of TO as an Art Director, life is good (and he had nice things to say about this website!)

Matt Turk reports that heĀ has almost completed his second year at RMC and is planning on becoming an Armoured Corps officer upon graduation.

Ken Wrigglesworth (81-82,85-86) has reported on his adventures in Japan where he is teaching English and notes that he and Akemi hope to get back to Canada for July and August.


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