1999 Bursary Award

Bursary Chair Katrina Angel presents Bursary Award Certificate to Alan Halley

During Alumni Weekend, Alan Halley (97-99) was awarded the 2nd HSR Staff Alumni Bursary. Allan was the recipient of the $400 award for his contributions to Haliburton Scout Reserve. Allan has been working at HSR since 1997, when he volunteered for the entire summer. He was hired in 1998 as both Senior Rappelling Instructor and Spring Maintenance Assistant. He returned for the spring of 1999 and spent the summer as Staff Assistant. In addition to being on staff, Allan has been camping at HSR since 1990. He first came as a composite camper, convinced his troop to camp at HSR and took his Woodbadge Part II training there.

Allan has completed a diploma in Parks and Outdoor Recreation at Sault College, one year in Outdoor Recreation Parks and Tourism at Lakehead University and the Outdoor Recreation Certificate program at Seneca College.

In addition to Allan’s time at HSR, he was very active with Scouting. He is a past Chair of the Ontario Youth Forum, in which role he sat on the Provincial Management Committee, Provincial Executive Board and the National Program Committee. He was hired in the fall of 2000 as a Membership Project Worker with the Greater Toronto Region. Allan feels that he has received two educations – one through school and one through Scouting.


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