1999 Reunion Weekend

By Heather Gillies (88-89), Social Chair

Alumni Weekend was the place to be August 6 -8.  The weather was beautiful (as it always is at Haliburton Scout Reserve)! And with around 50 Alumni members, it was a bit “cozy” come mealtime, but we made some new friends and got reacquainted with some old faces that we hadn’t seen for a while.

Most of the group arrived Friday and were in time to catch the staff campfire, followed by snack time at the hub. Then and early wake-up call for the few that volunteered to do inspections (better you than me). Most of the day was spent checking out the camp, volunteering where needed and checking in at Kennaway (my headquarters). Then we moved on to the annual Alumni scavenger hunt – and congratulations to our big winners, Georgina and Brianne Burns!! At around 4:30 our expert team of BBQ’ers headed down to the Hub to cook us a sumptuous feast – thanks for braving the smoke and flames for us – my steak was perfect.

Dinner ended with the usual announcement period where each Alumni member stood and told everyone who they were, when they worked at camp, what they did then and what they do now. I must say that we have one group of very talented and successful people in the Alumni!  And following that our Bursary Chair, the lovely Katrina Angel, presented the 2nd ever Alumni Bursary to Alan Halley …. CONGRATULATIONS ALLAN!

Saturday evening consisted of a barge tour of the lake, the annual “Soiree” in the hub and just a lot of socializing in general.  Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t feeling to well, so I missed most of the festivities – but my spies tell me that a good time was had by all who attended!  Thank you to everyone who was so concerned about me ….and a very special thank you to the group who went out early Sunday morning to clean up the Ab Shack.

Sunday the Alumni took on the staff for the annual cricket match. Once again the Alumni was victorious with the alumni almost breaking 100 (97 in fact) runs in the first inning alone (we didn’t need to bother playing our 2nd up). HOW WAS THAT! The staff had tried to faze us by taking our side of the mill site before we got there, but it obviously worked against them! Congratulations Team Alumni!

Next we had a lovely high tea at the hub, and most of the alumni headed home once again. Hope to see everyone again next summer!

Thanks to everyone who made it out this year:

Warner Clarke, Heather Gillies, Tara Neal, Simon McNally, Katherin Green, Kevin Bell, John Stephens, Katrina Angel, Chris “FooFoo” Franklin, Georgina Burns, Mark Burns, Brianne Burns, Russ Thomson, Alan Torster, Adam Whyte, Colin Quinn, Ken Wrigglesworth, Don Wrigglesworth, Rudy Mulder, Melinda Passmore, Jeff Lake, Dave “Chip” Cipolone, Jenny Jones, Andrew Cook, Paul Burns, Sandy Stenhouse, Matt Evans, Steve Samborsky, Jeff Dowding, David Kelly, Doug Kelly and the Kelly clan, Len McVeigh, Barry McVeigh, James McVeigh, Andrew Gauwer, Peter Aylan-Parker, Christie Aylan-Parker, Greg Taylor (and Amy), Kent Taylor (and Amy), Dave, Kyra and Cressen Taylor, Mark Purcell (sorry if I missed anyone).

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