1999 Trails Weekend

Once again, Trails Weekend was a fun-filled work weekend at HSR. There was plenty of time for us to tell a few stories and reminisce of the good old days (some more recent than others) and ask “so what’s that guy doing now”. But when the crack of dawn hit, everyone was saying “not already” and headed off to work. The work teams then hit the trails, cutting, pruning and swishing their way through the woods. Despite the occasional downpour, when it was all said and done almost all 30 km of trails were covered and a well deserved “beverage” was had. As well as working on the trails we helped pack up the kitchen and store for Shirley.

I would like to thank everyone for coming and making my first trails weekend as Trails Chair a great one.

In attendence: Andrew Abbink (93-94), Giles Alder (89-91,99) & Alex, Katrina Angel (89-90), Alicia Bell (92-93), Kevin Bell (89-93), Mark Burns (84-88), Dave Chipollone (93-96), Jeff Dowding (96-98), Ty Draper (98-99), Heather Eggleton (99), Matt Evans (93-97), Rob Fleming (82-84,86) & Mike, Heather Gilies (88-89), Andrew Gough (95-99), Katherin Green (89), Allan Haley (97-99), Jeff Lake (76-77), Gord McLean (95-98) & Lauren, John McVeigh (98-99), Tara Neal (90) & Simon, Sarah Parks (98-99), Mark Purcell (80-84, 90-92), Colin Quin (95-98), Sean Stephenson (99), Geoff Vaughan (99), Duff Warren (94-95), Ab & Barb Morrow (75-87, 92-99), Dave Randle (98-99), Shirley Whitwell (81-99)

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