1999 Golf Classic

Few of us could have imagined a better golf tournament than last year’s but it happened. This year’s fall golfing expo blossomed from our previous success with unprecedented records. Not only did we raise more money for the Alumni Bursary, but we also had more staff and family members join in the fun. We had a wider representation of people from across Ontario including Coburg, Glencoe, Peterborough, and (of course) Caledonia. We even had a small fan gallery consisting of Jenny Cameron and Jennifer Blackburn respectively.

Distinguished foursome - Sept 99With Mother Nature blessing us with yet another beautiful day, our 60+ eager participants set out for 18 holes of tees and trees. Although everyone’s frustration levels were tested, we all returned to the clubhouse with smiles (if not short a couple balls). Licking our wounds and describing that putt we missed by millimetres, we retired to the Aylan-Parker’s backyard where Ted & Pam were preparing the much anticipated feast. After the steaks, salads, and sodas were finished, we were pleased to learn that $593 had been raised for the Alumni Bursary. Each and every participant was then ecstatic to received a prize for their exceptional game thanks to the unchallenged and unmirrored organization of Heather “Lorie Kain” Gillies. I’m now reminded of the famous quote that states, “the winning team succeeds by making the least amount of mistakes”. Either way, we were all winners by the end of the day.

Sept 99 Golf Tournament - Where DID it go?Pausing for a moment of foresight, I’d like to encourage everyone to attend next year’s tournament but to also make a personal goal of bringing one other staff member from another year. We had an excellent representation of staff from recent years and I’d like to expand our circle of joy to staff from the 1980’s, 70’s, 60’s & 50’s. It will be more fun for all of us. One further note is that next year’s success (as far as we can tell) will be held at a different course but we’ll announce the details once they are confirmed.

This Co-Chief Executive Officer would like to thank all of the corporations who donated their wonderful gifts for all of our worthy players.  Heather Gillies deserves our undying credit and appreciation for her exceptional organization. Ted and Pam Aylan-Parker are also greatly appreciated for permitting the use of their house, washroom (which broke), and backyard.

We would like to thank everyone who made this year’s Golf Tournament a success.
Our Corporate Partners:
Manulife Financial
Manulife Fitness Centre
TD Bank
Toronto Argonauts
Wild Water Kingdom
Grey Owl Paddles
Procter and Gamble
Scouts Canada – GTR
Christie Brown and Company
Greyhound Canada
Yuk Yuk’s Canada
Canada Post
Hamilton Tiger Cats
James Cimba – Burns, Cimba Barrister’s and Solicitor’s
Hamilton Bailiff Services
HSR Country StoreAnd cash donations from:
David Blackburn
Lisa Kelcher
Larry and Carolyn Humenik 

And hospitality was provided once again by the generous Aylan-Parker family.

On a personal note, I’d like to dedicate this year’s tournament to the legendary Payne Stewart and I’d like to personally congratulate Rudy Mulder and Melinda Passmore (two of our successful players) on their recent engagement.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic tournament and we look forward to surpassing it next year!

Peter E. Aylan-Parker

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