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Dave “Chip” Cipollone emails from Nepal:

“I’ve been here just over 2 weeks and I have had so many amazing experiences my poor typing skills just couldn’t handle it. In short I spent 1 week and 1/2 in Katmandu broken up by a rafting trip for 3 days out of Pokhara on the Kali Gandaki River. I returned to Katmandu to see some friends and see Toni off on her guided tour. I really don’t enjoy Katmandu. For just over a week it was interesting but pleasant it is not so I decided to return to Pokhara for the remainder of my adventures. Pokhara is based around a magnificent lake with the Anapurna mountain range as a back drop. It is more quiet, cleaner, less polluted more laid back and just more natural than Katmandu. Over the last 2 days I have been nursing a cold and will head out tomorrow to Dumre to begin a 21 day trek called the Annapurna Circuit. I can’t wait. I have registered my health insurance with the Canadian Embassy and with the conservation authority so for 21 days at least no news is good news as I will have no method of communication.”


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