2000 Golf Classic

Driving out to the golf course on the rainy foggy morning of September 9, there were feelings of anticipation, excitement, and nervousness. Organizing golf tournaments requires patience, understanding, eagerness and faith. I was relying on the faith factor for the weather to change when I pulled into the golf course parking lot. Thankfully, while we were setting up, as with the previous 2 years, the weather began to brighten. Smiling and taking a deep breath, we prepared for our rush of HSR Alumni for our 3rd annual Golf Tournament.

Once everyone had finally arrived (when we say tee-off at 1pm, that means arrive @ 12:45!) our teams were well into their games. Everywhere you could hear the chopping of divots, the splash of water balls, laughter, joking, and the occasional profanity while looking for that stupid lost ball.

Eventually dinner called and we eagerly jumped to the 18th hole to try our luck at the closest-to-the-pin contest. Following this, we paraded into a nice air-conditioned dining room for food, drinks and lies.  Prizes were eventually awarded with first place going to the strong and unchallenged foursome of Scott Turner, Ross Harrington, and Ted & Pam Parker.  Mark Burns was the overly-skilled duffer to win the closest-to-the-pin contest and took home a very nice, brand new putter for his efforts. Everyone else was then awarded a prize of their own while the Alumni Bursary was awarded $638!!

A great time was had by all and I’d like to thank all of the people and organizations who made monetary and/or prize donations (listed below). Our appreciation is especially extended to the Hagersville Golf and Country Club who held the event and accommodated us as best they could. Thanks to Georgina Burns for assisting with the collection and co-ordination of prizes. Of course, sincere thanks to Heather Gillies for her tireless effort in making yet another tournament a success.

Finally, thanks to all who attended. Please remember to support our Alumni and keep your calendar open for next year’s tournament. Looking forward to seeing everyone (and more) next year and remember to follow-through with your swing!

Monetary Donations were made by;
Jim Cimba, Burns Cimba Barristers and Solicitors; Doug Gough; John Plumadore

Prize Donations were made by:
Peter C. Aspery, Hamilton Baliffs Office, Hamilton Bulldogs, Y95, Christie’s Bakery, Tim Horton’s, Hagersville Golf Course, Yuk Yuk’s,Manulife Financial, Heather Gillies, Donato Food Corp., Mrs. Vanellis Italian, Made in Japan, Canada Post, Doug Burns, Burns Cimba Barristers and Solicitors, Alliance International Truck and Equipment Sales Inc., Georgina Burns, Citibank, Novopharm, Grey Owl Paddles, Doug Kelly, Dave Kelly


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