2000 Pub Nite

Pub night 2000 took place at a new location, due to the demise of the old Milwaukee’s on Lombard.  Instead we invaded The Coloured Stone on Richmond in downtown Toronto.  The new local certainly had it’s charm – even if it was a bit difficult to find for some people.

Along with the “regular” crowd, we had lots of people that we hadn’t seen in a while, which was a very nice surprise.  Thank you to everyone who found the time to stop by and enjoy a beverage or two (or more) and maybe even a game of pool.  These events are only successful when people attend them – so it’s really nice when we get some new faces.  I hope you all had a great time and that I might see you at more upcoming events in the future.

Highlights of this years event included:  Alex winning the 50/50 draw (thanks for the beer by the way!), Chip stopping by in his ambulance and taking us all on an interactive tour outside the bar, Dan stopping by in his uniform, the cops stopping by and Brian’s Fyfe’s antic’s.

The food was pretty great (in my humble opinion anyway!), the room was comfortable (couches are a really nice feature), the beverages were plentiful and the company was OUTSTANDING.  All the makings of a perfect evening.

Those who attended:

Katherin Green, Tara Neal, Simon McNally, Peter Aspery, Heather Gillies, Tim Duffin, John Stephens, Mark Purcell, Jeff Lake, Shirley Whitwell, Dave Randall, Mike McConkey, Cynthia Thomson, Mike Flynn, Katherine Tomasik, Tim Collier, Brenda Saunders, Albert Fuchigami, Mark Burns, Georgina Burns, Dan Musgrove, Jeff Dowding, Laura Sluce, Giles Alder, Alex Ling, John Plumadore, Warner Clarke, Katrina Angel, Andrew Gough, Gord Fleming, Rebecca Fleming, Ryan “Tumor” Bell, Brian Fyfe, Christie Aylan-Parker, Pam Aylan-Parker, Ted Aylan-Parker, Andrew Cook, Gord McLean, Lauren Therien, Andrew Cook, Sandy McNabb, Jeff Bonin, Chris Wren, Dave Sandomerski, Dave “Chip” Cipolone, Tynan Draper and Julie  (please forgive me if I missed anybody – I blame it on the blonde – lager that is).

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