2001 Golf Classic

4th Annual – Report by Heather Gillies

The day was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining brightly as Georgina and I set off for Burlington on the morning of September 15th.  It was time again for the annual golf tournament, and we were excited.  And although the parking lot was a bit confusing (where were the signs?), and the Pro-Shop was more of a Pro-Shack, and the countless other little things that go on behind the scenes…the course was lovely, the beer (and Ceasars in some cases) were plentiful and the sun was shining as we took to the

Eighteen holes of fun, frivolity and a bit of debauchery later, we rounded everybody up for a lovely dinner buffet and ice cream sundae bar. Followed by the awarding of prizes from our generous benefactors listed below. It was a near perfect day!  And I am very happy to announce the we raised more than $300 for the Foundation in Aid of the Bursary.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event so enthusiastically.  Thank you to all of the generous sponsors who brought us prizes and made monetary donations to the cause. Thank you to the Camisle Golf Course for putting up with over 60 Alumni members and guests for the afternoon and into the evening (we can be a handful, or so I’ve heard). And thank you most of all to my partner-in-crime as well as in organization, Georgina Burns!  I hope to see everybody again next year!!

Those who attended this years event, in no particular order, were:
Andrew Gauwer, Angela Eo, Kaleena Woodall, Tara Neal, Simon McNally, Justin Way, Scott Turner, Heather Gillies, Andrew Gough, Peter Aspery, Brian Winchester, Mark Burns, Kevin Knight, Gord McLean, Lauren Therien, Jeff Lake, Victoria Carlson, Jonathan Polonsky, Kaleena’s guest, Debbie Nugent, Debbie’s guests, John McVeigh, Doug Kelly, Rob Kelly, Dave Kelly, Peter Kelly, Jeremy Debling, Father Debling, Katrina Angel, Jim McVeigh, Ed Balyk, Father Balyk, Guest of Balyk, Eric Masterson, Katie McIntosh, Fraser Newberry, Geoff Vaughn, Tyler Philp, John Stephens, Colin Quinn, Gary Quinn, Tim Duffin, Christine Long, Sara, Neil Bassett, Katherin Green, Brad Bell, Paul Bassett, Matt, Mike, Chris Eggleton, Jeff Schaufenhauser, Christie Aylan-Parker, Nathan Frye, Pam Aylan-Parker, Ted Aylan-Parker, Clarke Webb, Steve Henschel,  Georgina Burns, Mark Purcell and Shirley Whitwell.

Our More than generous benefactors, in no particular order, were:
Tim Hortons, Wild Water Kingdom, Yuk Yuk’s, Manulife Gym, Manulife Financial – Canadian Division, FirstEnergy Capital Corp, Peter Aspery, Dave Kelly, Debbie Nugent (CIBC), June Hunt (Canada
Post), Jim Cimba (Cimba and Associates), Y95, Hamilton Tiger Cats, Sandusk Golf Club, Paula Weese, Donato Food Group, Alliance International, Doug Burns (Burns, Vasan) and Hamilton Bailiff Services.


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