2001 Trails Weekend

Once again this year many alumni members descended on HSR for a fun-filled, fall weekend in the woods.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and not a bug to be found – what a way to start the weekend!  Some groups hit the trails like warriors ready to clear almost any obstacle, other groups went on a recovery mission at Camp Gay Venture and others started painting up a storm around camp.  All of us had a mission.

As the day progressed every trail was walked and cleared, Hurst cabin was painted and a few new things were acquired.  Everyone had a chance to stop and enjoy the beautiful colours of fall as well as catch up on old times with friends.  Once diner time rolled around everyone was tired from a hard day of work.  After diner was over we all were able to enjoy a great fire supplied to us by ranger Keith.

On Sunday, after a bit of work at HSR and Gay Venture, we all realized we had to head home back to the grind of everyday life.  I know I wasn’t the only one wondering when I could come back to this place we all love so much.

Thanks to everyone who attended for making Trails Weekend 2001 a success:

Allan Haley, Alicia Bell, Kevin Bell, Alex Ling, Giles Alder, Sarah Parks, Lauren Therien, Heather Gillies, Katherine Green, Rob Carson, Ross Harrington, Fraser Newberry, Tim Duffin, John Stephens, Matt Cutler, Tyler Philp, Scott Turner, John McViegh, Jeremy Debling, Father Debling, Mark Burns, Mark Purcell, Jeff Lake, Dave Taylor, Matt Evans, Julie, Jeff Dowding, Andrew Gough, Christine Long, Nathan Fry, Angela Eo, Keith Whiten.

Special thanks to Mark and Jeff for cooking all our great meals and keeping us going! See you all next year!

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