2001 Pub Nite

The pub was crowded and noisy, the bathrooms were small (do you think those sinks were stolen from airplanes?), but the company was outstanding as always, and the food and drinks were plentiful.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you probably didn’t make it to Pub Night 2001 at The Madison Ave Pub on December 28th, and that’s a shame, because it was a lot of fun.

As your Social Chair, I’m excited when the events I organize are successful.  And as a alumni member myself, pub night is my favourite event, because I get to see my “camp family” around the holidays.  And this year was exceptional for me. Not only were there lots of the “regulars” at this years pub night and some new faces from our more recent staffs that were home from school,  but thanks to our Membership Chair, Katherin’s most recent mailings, we even saw some faces that have been gone for a while.  It was certainly the highlight of my holiday season to be surrounded by so many people that have made such an impact on/in my life.

Thank you to my regular crowd (you know who you are), for coming out and supporting as many of these events as you can.  I really do appreciate all of your support, and love the opportunity to see you whenever possible.  To the few new faces that made it out this year, welcome.  I hope that you enjoyed yourself and that you will join us at any future events that you are able to attend.  And finally to those of you who came back after some years of absenteeism, I know I don’t only speak for myself when I tell you how great it is to see you again.  I hope that we will see more of you in the upcoming year at more of our events.  Welcome back.

Congratulations to Andrew and Vicki who won the 50/50 draw (sorry Ted, it wasn’t you).  Thanks to everybody who bought tickets to help offset the cost of the evening.

Who was there:

Katrina Angel, Katherin Green, Mark Purcell, Jeff Lake, Doug Pengelly, Derek Monderman, Andrew Gough, Vicki Quinn, Jeff Dowding, Laura Sluce, Heather Gillies, Mike McConkey, Nadine Bustraen, Peter Aspery, Elmer Fudd, Nestor Quezada, Jeremy Debling, Father Debling, Ryan Debling, Ted Aylan-Parker, Pam Aylan-Parker, Christie Aylan-Parker, Peter Aylan-Parker, Sylvia, Kevin Bell, Alicia Bell, Warner Clarke, Allan Haley, Terrence Van Halderen, Matt Evans, Julie Harris, Jeremy Winchester, Tynan Draper,  Matt Curtis, Aaron Switzer, Gord Fleming and Todd Damery.


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