2004 Trails Weekend

Trails Weekend was held this year on September 25 and 26, 2004. We had a good turn out for this event.  The weather was fantastic and we all enjoyed the fall colours. Many thanks to those who were able to attend this year including Heather Gillies, Peter Aspery, Jeff Lake, Dave/Robby/Victoria and Nelly Ashworth,Grant Lafontaine (and his fiancée Terri), Tim Collier, Tom Smith, Andrew Gough, Derek Monderman and myself.

We were able to get out and cover many of the trails, including Lost Lake, Hurst Lake, Pikes Peak, High Falls, Dobson Trail, the JC and Coopers Loop.

Saturday night found us all at The Hub with everyone participating in the Annual Alumni Euchre Tournament. Congratulations to the winners – Heather and Peter! Will they continue their reign?

Sunday we were able to help the Ranger with repairs to the waterfront – hub stairs that have been damaged by erosion.  Then we had lunch and packed up. The excitement of the afternoon came when Andrew Gough, ignoring the strange sounds his truck was making tried to head home – only his driver side front tire had other ideas! CAA to the rescue, and a few hours later, everyone was headed safely home. So in the future please maintain your vehicle before arriving at camp!

Look for our next Trails date in the spring and we hope to see you there! We are looking for people with their Chainsaw Certificates to help out on the trails.

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