2004 Pub Nite

On December 29th, the HSRSAA hosted it’s annual pub night at The Midtown on College Street in Toronto. We had an excellent turn out this year with over 40 people in attendance, many of whom got to try out Ste. Andres beer brewed by our very own brewmaster Doug Pengelly. I personally had several tastes (wink)! Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come down and see us, and to The Midtown for putting up with us taking over a very large part of the establishment.

Those who attended:

Kevin & Alicia Bell, Tara & Simon McNally, Katrina Angel & Darryl Shaw, Christie Aylan-Parker, Tim Collier & Cloe, Jeremy Debling & Erin Sexton,Corey Plater & Nancy Cleaver, Heather Gillies, Mike & Nadyne McConkey, Fraser Newberry, Rob Carson, Graham Wallinhouse, Shawn Donald, Jessica Lunney, Tim Duffin, Gord Fleming & Sarah Brett, David Frankovich, Albert Fuchigami, Katherin Green, Andrew Gough, Doug Gough, Brad Grabham (& his harem!), Allan Haley, Jeff Lake, Giles Alder, Alex Ling, Gord McLean & Lauren Therien, Dan Piccininni, Mark Purcell, Doug Pengelly, Justin Way, Jeff Winkworth.

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