2005 Trails Weekend

We had a successful fall trails weekend in September, with good weather and a small but enthusiastic group.  Efforts were focused on the Cooper’s Loop (CL) from Hurst Lake to Beaver Lake which is now in excellent condition.  The section of Cooper’s Loop between Beaver, North and Mislaid Lakes is mostly lost in overgrown vegetation and logging slash.  If we get a good turnout from the alumni in the next couple of Trails weekends, we could return CL loop to hikeable condition for future Scout Troops to enjoy.  North Lake has the potential to be an excellent site for out-trip camping if only Troops could get to it.

After working hard we relaxed with a game of Kennabi Trivial Pursuit.  Jeff Lake (76-77) and Mark Purcell (80-84,90-92) put us all to shame with their knowledge of HSR trivia by racing around the lake and reaching the Hub first.

Thanks to everyone who came out.

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