2006 Bursary Award

The Alumni awarded its 15th Staff Bursary at the 2006 Alumni Weekend. Dean Janowski (2002-2008) from Kitchener, was the recipient of the $700 award.

Dean Janowski receives his bursary certificate from Bursary Chair Katrina Angel

Like most staff, Dean was introduced to HSR as a camper. Dean has been on staff for five years beginning in 2003 as a Staff-In-Training, moving on the (barely) paid staff position of Composite/ Climbing Wall instructor in 2003, to Maintenance from 2004 to 2006.

Dean studied Psychology at university last school year, but found even though he achieved high grades that it was the not the path for him. He applied for Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training, and was one of 42 offered admission to Contestoga College’s program, out of 600 applicants.  Programs such as Firefighter Education have higher than average tuition, at approximately $5,400 per year.  In his application, Dean stated, “I finally know what I want to pursue, now it is only a matter of gaining knowledge for my field of study.  The aid of this bursary will help grant me extra time to fulfil my commitments in schooling without constantly working outside of school hours to help pay for my schooling.”


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