2006 Trails Weekend

By Grant Lafontaine (88) Trails Chair

Alumni members joined forces with camp staff for a joint mix-fix/maintenance weekend September 29—October 1, 2006.

Friday evening included a campfire in the Hub with Tim  Collier (96-99), Warner Clarke (66-70) and Beth Hoen providing tunes and 2006 Camp Director Kevin Bell (89-93, 05-06) dealing poker.

Trail maintenance this spring year focused on three tasks:

  1. Clearing trails of debris caused by tree falls, including sections affected by the August windstorm/tornado,
  2. Re-routing the trail through areas affected by significant tree falls or logging activity, and
  3. Replacing and adding new trail markers.

The rain held off Saturday morning as the joint crew chowed down to oatmeal, sausage patties and waffles.

The trails team’s morning project was to clear, re-align and mark the Pike’s Peak Trail from the camp road back through the Mill site to Kennabi Falls.

We returned to the hub for a pasta and meatball lunch and took on the afternoon task of clearing and marking Cooper’s Loop from Hurst Lake to North Lake in more damp conditions.

Saturday evening featured a steak supper followed by more tunes by the fireplace courtesy of Tim Collier.

Sunday morning, work continued on Cooper’s Loop from Mislaid Lake to North Lake. As a result of logging activities and years since the last maintenance on Cooper’s Loop, there was a lot to be done on the Mislaid to North Lake section. The Cooper’s Loop is now re-established and accessible for troops for use next summer.  As well, portions of Dobson’s Trail, Pikes Peak and Lost Lake trails were re-marked on Sunday.

Thanks to all who came out to work for both the trails weekend and the mix fix. Special appreciation for Jeff Lake (76-77, 06) and Mark Purcell (80-84,90-92) for their work in the kitchen.

We hope to see new faces at the next Trails Weekend.

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