2007 Bursary Award

During Alumni Weekend, Ian Hancock was awarded the 2007 HSR Staff Alumni Bursary, of $700.  Ian first came to HSR as an Adventureland North camper, then graduated to a composite camper.  He joined the staff as a SIT in 2004, has since held the positions of Trapper/Composite, Archery/composite, and this year is a Climbing Wall Instructor. (Ian returned in 2008 as Climbing Wall Instructor.)

Bursary Chair Katrina Angel presents the award certificate to Ian Hancock

Ian has been a member of Scouting since the age of 5, beginning in Beavers.  When Ian moved up to Venturers, he looked for something different than a traditional Venturer Company, and joined a MedVent (Medical Venturers) Company. His experiences with the MedVent Company lead to an interest in paramedicine as an educational and career path.  Ian has completed his first-year of Paramedicine, a joint program offered by University of Toronto and Centennial College.  In addition to standard tuition fees and costs associated with post-secondary education, Ian is required to purchase equipment related to paramedicine such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, etc., which the bursary award will help with.


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