2007 Pub Nite

Despite the heavy rain on Friday December 29th, former staff (from the 50’s through to the present), friends and families gathered for at the Duke of York Pub in Toronto for our 2007 Holiday Pub Night. We were pleased to have some attendees we hadn’t seen in several years including Tom Clarke, Phil Arima, Jason Brearley and Shawn Melito.

Those who dropped in included:
Katrina Angel (89-90) & Darryl Shaw, Phil Arima (79-81), Christie Aylan-Parker (94-96), Jason Brearley (87-89), Victoria Carlson (01) & Stu Steinberg, Tom Clarke (59-60), Warner (66-70) & Beth Clarke, Tim Collier (96-99), Jeremy Debling (86-90) & Erin Sexton-Debling, Gord (84-88) & Sarah Fleming, David Frankovich (01-03), Albert Fujugami (90-93), Brad Grabham (97-01), Katherin Green (89), Barbara Hough (01-07), Jeff Lake (76-77,06), Shawn Melito (88-91), Derek Monderman (98-02), Tara (Neal) (90) & Simon McNally, Christopher Perez (00-03), Jonathon Polonsky (99-01), Mark Purcell (80-84,90-92),  John Stephens (82-84,99-01), Justin Way (97-07), Jeff Winkworth (99-02), Kaleena Woodhall (01), Ken Wrigglesworth (81-82,85-86).

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