2008 Bursary Award

The 2008 Alumni Bursary of $700 was awarded to Anne Leon at Alumni Weekend.  Like most HSR staff, Anne first came to HSR as a camper.  She applied to work on staff the next summer. Anne has been on staff since 2005, first as an SIT, and as a waterfront instructor since.

Bursary Chair Katrina Angel present the award certificate to Anne Leon

Anne began Scouts at four years of age in Beavers, staying involved all the way to being president of her Venturer Company, as well as Deputy Area Commissioner-Youth.

Anne graduated from high school this past June and is now attending the University of Guelph studying Environmental Management.  Anne connects her personal and career interest in the environment to her involvement in Scouting and her time at HSR.

Anne submitted a very strong application package for the Bursary, with multiple glowing references.  Having worked various jobs through high school to save for university, the bursary will allow Anne to work a bit less to focus on school.


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