2009 Bursary Award

This year there were two applicants for the bursary award. The selection committee found it extremely difficult to choose between the applications. For every point raised in favour of one, an equal point was made for the other. In the end, the selection committee decided that both applicants were equally deserving of the award.

Sal Alberti with his Bursary Certificate

The recipients of the 2009 HSR Staff Alumni Bursary are, in alphabetical order, Salvatore (Sal) Alberti and Andrea Howland. Sal and Andrea were each awarded half of the $700 Bursary award amount.

Sal first went to HSR as a Cub with Adventureland Goes North, and then continued on to camp as a Scout, before joining the staff in 2006. Sal has held the positions of SIT, Archery Instructor, Composite/Rappelling Instructor, and this year is a Rappelling Instructor.

Sal is a musician, specifically a violinist. (We were entertained by Sal at Alumni Weekend’s Hub & Cub Pub/Open Mic event – on guitar and on violin.) However, Sal has chosen to expand his boundaries beyond music, and began the Engineering program at the University of Toronto this September.

Andrea Howland with her Bursary Certificate

Andrea joined Scouts at 11 years of age, and has been going to HSR since. In 2005, she was an SIT, moving on to positions of Composite/Kitchen, Composite/Rappelling Instructor, Low Ropes Girl, IT Coordinator/Rappelling Instructor.

Andrea has taken the teachings and influence of Scouting to heart and will be continuing with them in her education. She began Social Justice and Peace Studies a King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario this September. Andrea graduated from high school last year, but took this past year to work to earn money to be able to afford to go away to school to Western to take this particular program – a unique program in Ontario.

Congratulations to both Sal and Andrea!

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