2009 Trails Weekend

Volunteers arriving at the re-scheduled 2009 Trails Weekend on a chilly Friday evening may have been surprised to find fellow volunteers crammed into the hub kitchen around two tables, basking in the warmth emanating from the open doors of the convection oven. Apparently having an open fireplace inside a large wooden structure (The Hub) over a wooden floor with no fire grate is no longer acceptable and with the outside temperature dipping to the low single digits, the kitchen was the place to be.

The 2009 Trails weekend saw a total work weekend crew of over 30. There were 17 trail volunteers including 2 leaders and 8 youth from the 21st Waterloo Venturer Company.  A crew of 15 volunteers including former and current staff members and 5 adults and youth members from a Lindsay Scout Group worked on camp projects, including replacing the Trapper’s Cabin roof, with Ranger Kevin, Ross and 2009 Composite Supervisor Rob Owens. Barb Hough, Jeff Lake and Mark Purcell worked hard in the kitchen all weekend keeping all nourished.

Despite the weather, which included intermittent showers, we were able to clear and mark the J.C. and Pikes Peak trails, starting with one crew from the Mill site and one from the narrows. Three Venturers had an extra long hike as they took an unintended diversion from the J.C Trail, followed the drag river to the gorge, continued along the river eventually reconnecting with the J.C. Trail and emerged along the public road serving East Bay of Drag Lake. This led to an interesting cell phone conversation between the three youth and their Venturer advisor and an unplanned drive out of camp to pick up the three walking along the road back from East Bay.

On Saturday afternoon, the crew replaced the decking on the small footbridge on the Pikes Peak trail immediately south of the gorge.

On Sunday morning, the Venturers helped with some camp chores and Ian Hancock (04-09)Katrina Angel (89-90) Warner Clarke (66-70) went to check out Trail conditions on Coopers Loop and also the Gibson Trail between Hurst and High Falls. We determined that the footbridge at the Pee Pond (between Moore and Mislaid lakes) is no longer useable.  We also noted that the water level at Hurst Lake was quite high such that portions of the Gibson Trail towards the west end of the Hurst Lake was under water.

Immediate priorities include:

  • the possibility of replacing the Pee Pond bridge with a floating bridge in the spring
  • Feasibility of realigning the Gibson Trail at the west end of Hurst Lake
  • Revising camp trail maps to include the now marked trail section that links the J.C. Trail with the Pikes Peak Trail at the gorge.

Special thanks to all the volunteers:

Trails crew: Katrina Angel, Warner Clarke, Mark Daly, Ian Hancock, Bill Mansfield*, Monica Nelson*, Leslie Rose*, 21st Waterloo Venturer Company.

Camp projects: Sal Alberti, Steve Coyle, Paul Daly, Grace Evers, Catherine Hough, Dean Janowski, Shane Manthau, Ben Schneider, Emily Simmons, Spencer Sleep and the 5 members of the Lindsay Scout group.

Kitchen Crew: Barb Hough, Jeff Lake and Mark Purcell

* Scout parents—91st Toronto

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