2009 Pub Night

Heather Gillies - 50/50 Draw Fanatic!

Advertised as a chance to get a great start on a new year, or to mess up on all those New Year’s resolutions at once, the 2009 Pub Nite was held once again in the Conservatory at the Duke Of York Pub in Toronto.

Over the course of the evening about 26 people dropped in. A fine selection of pub fare was consumed over the evening as people got a chance to catch up, exchange stories and re-establish acquaintances.

Over the course of the evening, Heather held a 50/50 draw with the proceeds going to Bursary fund. Mike McConkey was this year’s winner and will come back next year an buy everyone a round.

This year’s attendees and drop ins included:

Heather Gillies, Peter Aspery, Mike & Nadyne McConkey, Katrina Angel, Katherin Green, Mark Purcell, Warner Clarke & Beth Hoen, Murray Fenner, Chris Perez, Tim Collier, Jeff Lake & Barb Hough, Gord Fleming, Ian Hancock, Jeff Winkworth, Kaleena Woodhall, Dave Wharrie, Nicole Baker, Dan Piccininni, John Stephens, Steve Bertram, David Clarke, Thomas Vincent, Michael Lindsay.


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