Welcome HSR Staff Alumni Members!

We’re in the process of migrating our website to this new platform which should serve our needs better so please bear with us as we try to find the right place for everything! And don’t be shy about telling us what you think – see below to Leave a Comment


2 thoughts on “Welcome HSR Staff Alumni Members!”

  1. I will often check this site just to try and stay somewhat current. You guys do a fine job! I was just trying to find the former staff lists and can’t seem to do so. Have they been removed?

  2. Hi: I am looking for history and details about canoe treks I believe Scout groups made through the Haliburton area, and specifically through Grace Lake near Wilberforce. I am writing a book on the history of that lake and would appreciate anything your group can tell me. I’m also interested in photos or maps showing GL; of course I would only need copies, not originals. Does anyone have any information to share? Thanks! …Dave Freeman – davefreem@gmail.com

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