Fall 2022 at HSR

Crib Removal

This fall the alumni have been active at the camp! To assist the camp in dock replacement, we had volunteers to prepare the dock sites for installation of new floating docks.
One of the first steps was to to visit each site and assess what would be involved in removing the existing docks. This information was used to inform a work plan to accomplish as much as possible in preparation for the installation crew. We were able to remove some key cribs and have started planning for spring dock installation.

We also needed to undo the work of some Beavers who blocked the culvert at the Narrows. We were able to fully clear the northern most small culvert and did some hand clearing of the main culvert. Kudo’s to Cam Thomas, Doug Kelly, Sarah Mills, Scott Scholtzhauer, Ken Wrigglesworth, and Al Downie for the efforts there. Overnight the increased drainage of the small culvert dropped the level of Holland Lake such that water was no longer draining over the road. With the further assistance of Mark Burns and his ATV, an antique log puller and some well placed anchor trees, we were able to pull the debris through the main culvert and greatly increase the outflow. As the lake level dropped, we were also able to access a third fully blocked culvert and clear it. While the Beavers worked at rebuilding the dams blocking the culverts again in the fall, Mark Burns, Alex & Ken Wrigglesworth and Mark’s ATV were able to undo the Holland Lake Beavers re-damming efforts.

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