Gofundme Campaign

Your Alumni Association, since it’s formation over 30 years ago, has been actively supporting HSR. Much of the support has been in the form of “sweat equity” as volunteers have helped maintain the camp trails, and a camp historical archive display and have been building the soon-to-be completed network of historical kiosks. Volunteers have also been used in the past to assist with camp maintenance and program support functions. More recently, volunteers attended the camp over several weekends in the summer and fall OF 2022 to provide a “presence” within the camp and to complete some clean-up, repair and maintenance activities in preparation for a 2023 re-opening.

The association members have also provided some financial support to some Alumni projects like the restoration of Kennabi Lodge 25 years ago, for material costs related to the current Historical Kiosk Project and to the annual Alumni Bursary.

Some support for big capital projects at HSR had in the past come through service club donations like Kiwanis and Jaycees. A major source of capital funds has been through the Haliburton Breakfast Club initiative. In the past, funds from this campaign have been used to purchase watercraft, canoes, and capital improvements and most recently, life jackets and docks. The Last Haliburton Club Breakfast occurred just before COVID 19 put a damper on this kind of activity.

As the Haliburton Operations Committee engages in planning for camp re-opening, they are also challenged to look at ways to raise funds for the capital requirements of camp. To this end, the committee has created a “GOFUNDME” campaign as, at a minimum, a bridge to re-establishing an ongoing fundraising initiative like the Haliburton Club Breakfast.

Have a look at this campaign. Join it if you are interested. Share it with friends and colleagues who may also have an interest in the camp through scouting or other linkages.

Donations through this campaign transit through GOFUNDME to Scouts Canada. Donors will get a charitable receipt for Canadian Income Tax purposes through


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