The Haliburton Scout Reserve Staff Alumni exist to provide former staff members of the Haliburton Scout Reserve with a sense of ongoing fellowship, camp news and history through linking present and past staff members, while promoting service to the camp through donations and service projects.

A variety of activities are conducted each year, both social and service oriented. Members are encouraged to participate in whatever activities for which they are available. For the majority of members who live outside the Toronto area (including the US and Europe!) our newsletter, the Alumni Thunderbird, is what connects them to the Alumni.

The Alumni Thunderbird is usually published two-three times a year (fall, winter and spring) for circulation to members-in-good-standing. It is a forum in which we can share information on former staff members, keep up-to-date on Alumni activities and service projects, and remember our summers at HSR. The views expressed are those of the Editor unless otherwise stated. Selected articles are also published on this site. Letters, articles and photos are always welcome (!) and should be submitted to the editor via thunderbird@hsrsa.ca.

Executive Committee:

Please note that there is a vacancy which we need to fill – if you might be interested, please contact the Co-Chair to discuss the responsibilities. The Executive is always looking for more people – doing less – better!

Co-Chair Jeff Lake
Co-ordinates the activities of the Executive and the Alumni.
Co-Chair Mark Daly
Co-ordinates the activities of the Executive and the Alumni.
Treasurer Tim Collier
Maintains the financial records, pays bills, makes deposits, etc.
Secretary Katherin Green
Takes minutes, handles correspondence, etc.
Trails Chair Katrina Angel (89-90) Co-ordinates service work on the trails at camp which the Alumni adopted as one of their service projects.
Social Chair Vacant Co-ordinates the social activities of the association.
Ken Wrigglesworth Co-ordinates the publication of the association newsletter three times per year.
Archive Chair Warner Clarke (66-70) Co-ordinates the collection and displaying of the Alumni’s historical material (including the display in Kennabi Lodge.)
Bursary Chair Gord Fleming
Will co-ordinate the administration of a bursary for current staff members.
Membership Chair Katherin Green (89) Co-ordinates recruitment of association members.
Member at Large Mark Purcell (80-84,90-92) Special tasks as requested.
Member at Large Chris Perez (00-03) Special tasks as requested.