2011 HSR Staff Alumni Pub Night

You are invited to gather after 7:00 pm on December 30, 2011 at the Duke of York Pub in the Conservatory at the rear of the second floor. (39 Prince Arthur Ave just east of Bedford and the St George subway station exit.)

There is a cash bar and a variety of hot and cold snacks provided by your association from 9:00 pm onward.

This event is free to Alumni members and a $5.00 contribution is requested from non-members and guests.

In addition to having the opportunity of meeting old friends and making new ones, there will be a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to the HSRSA Bursary fund.

You can come early and have your supper at “The Duke” as well. Check out the menu on-line at: york.thedukepubs.ca/ourmenu.php.

Please RSVP at Thunderbird@hsrsa.ca by December 27, 2011, as this will help us plan our food order. The is also an EVENT on Facebook.


2009 Pub Night

Heather Gillies - 50/50 Draw Fanatic!

Advertised as a chance to get a great start on a new year, or to mess up on all those New Year’s resolutions at once, the 2009 Pub Nite was held once again in the Conservatory at the Duke Of York Pub in Toronto.

Over the course of the evening about 26 people dropped in. A fine selection of pub fare was consumed over the evening as people got a chance to catch up, exchange stories and re-establish acquaintances.

Over the course of the evening, Heather held a 50/50 draw with the proceeds going to Bursary fund. Mike McConkey was this year’s winner and will come back next year an buy everyone a round.

This year’s attendees and drop ins included:

Heather Gillies, Peter Aspery, Mike & Nadyne McConkey, Katrina Angel, Katherin Green, Mark Purcell, Warner Clarke & Beth Hoen, Murray Fenner, Chris Perez, Tim Collier, Jeff Lake & Barb Hough, Gord Fleming, Ian Hancock, Jeff Winkworth, Kaleena Woodhall, Dave Wharrie, Nicole Baker, Dan Piccininni, John Stephens, Steve Bertram, David Clarke, Thomas Vincent, Michael Lindsay.

2007 Pub Nite

Despite the heavy rain on Friday December 29th, former staff (from the 50’s through to the present), friends and families gathered for at the Duke of York Pub in Toronto for our 2007 Holiday Pub Night. We were pleased to have some attendees we hadn’t seen in several years including Tom Clarke, Phil Arima, Jason Brearley and Shawn Melito.

Those who dropped in included:
Katrina Angel (89-90) & Darryl Shaw, Phil Arima (79-81), Christie Aylan-Parker (94-96), Jason Brearley (87-89), Victoria Carlson (01) & Stu Steinberg, Tom Clarke (59-60), Warner (66-70) & Beth Clarke, Tim Collier (96-99), Jeremy Debling (86-90) & Erin Sexton-Debling, Gord (84-88) & Sarah Fleming, David Frankovich (01-03), Albert Fujugami (90-93), Brad Grabham (97-01), Katherin Green (89), Barbara Hough (01-07), Jeff Lake (76-77,06), Shawn Melito (88-91), Derek Monderman (98-02), Tara (Neal) (90) & Simon McNally, Christopher Perez (00-03), Jonathon Polonsky (99-01), Mark Purcell (80-84,90-92),  John Stephens (82-84,99-01), Justin Way (97-07), Jeff Winkworth (99-02), Kaleena Woodhall (01), Ken Wrigglesworth (81-82,85-86).

2004 Pub Nite

On December 29th, the HSRSAA hosted it’s annual pub night at The Midtown on College Street in Toronto. We had an excellent turn out this year with over 40 people in attendance, many of whom got to try out Ste. Andres beer brewed by our very own brewmaster Doug Pengelly. I personally had several tastes (wink)! Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come down and see us, and to The Midtown for putting up with us taking over a very large part of the establishment.

Those who attended:

Kevin & Alicia Bell, Tara & Simon McNally, Katrina Angel & Darryl Shaw, Christie Aylan-Parker, Tim Collier & Cloe, Jeremy Debling & Erin Sexton,Corey Plater & Nancy Cleaver, Heather Gillies, Mike & Nadyne McConkey, Fraser Newberry, Rob Carson, Graham Wallinhouse, Shawn Donald, Jessica Lunney, Tim Duffin, Gord Fleming & Sarah Brett, David Frankovich, Albert Fuchigami, Katherin Green, Andrew Gough, Doug Gough, Brad Grabham (& his harem!), Allan Haley, Jeff Lake, Giles Alder, Alex Ling, Gord McLean & Lauren Therien, Dan Piccininni, Mark Purcell, Doug Pengelly, Justin Way, Jeff Winkworth.

2001 Pub Nite

The pub was crowded and noisy, the bathrooms were small (do you think those sinks were stolen from airplanes?), but the company was outstanding as always, and the food and drinks were plentiful.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you probably didn’t make it to Pub Night 2001 at The Madison Ave Pub on December 28th, and that’s a shame, because it was a lot of fun.

As your Social Chair, I’m excited when the events I organize are successful.  And as a alumni member myself, pub night is my favourite event, because I get to see my “camp family” around the holidays.  And this year was exceptional for me. Not only were there lots of the “regulars” at this years pub night and some new faces from our more recent staffs that were home from school,  but thanks to our Membership Chair, Katherin’s most recent mailings, we even saw some faces that have been gone for a while.  It was certainly the highlight of my holiday season to be surrounded by so many people that have made such an impact on/in my life.

Thank you to my regular crowd (you know who you are), for coming out and supporting as many of these events as you can.  I really do appreciate all of your support, and love the opportunity to see you whenever possible.  To the few new faces that made it out this year, welcome.  I hope that you enjoyed yourself and that you will join us at any future events that you are able to attend.  And finally to those of you who came back after some years of absenteeism, I know I don’t only speak for myself when I tell you how great it is to see you again.  I hope that we will see more of you in the upcoming year at more of our events.  Welcome back.

Congratulations to Andrew and Vicki who won the 50/50 draw (sorry Ted, it wasn’t you).  Thanks to everybody who bought tickets to help offset the cost of the evening.

Who was there:

Katrina Angel, Katherin Green, Mark Purcell, Jeff Lake, Doug Pengelly, Derek Monderman, Andrew Gough, Vicki Quinn, Jeff Dowding, Laura Sluce, Heather Gillies, Mike McConkey, Nadine Bustraen, Peter Aspery, Elmer Fudd, Nestor Quezada, Jeremy Debling, Father Debling, Ryan Debling, Ted Aylan-Parker, Pam Aylan-Parker, Christie Aylan-Parker, Peter Aylan-Parker, Sylvia, Kevin Bell, Alicia Bell, Warner Clarke, Allan Haley, Terrence Van Halderen, Matt Evans, Julie Harris, Jeremy Winchester, Tynan Draper,  Matt Curtis, Aaron Switzer, Gord Fleming and Todd Damery.


2000 Pub Nite

Pub night 2000 took place at a new location, due to the demise of the old Milwaukee’s on Lombard.  Instead we invaded The Coloured Stone on Richmond in downtown Toronto.  The new local certainly had it’s charm – even if it was a bit difficult to find for some people.

Along with the “regular” crowd, we had lots of people that we hadn’t seen in a while, which was a very nice surprise.  Thank you to everyone who found the time to stop by and enjoy a beverage or two (or more) and maybe even a game of pool.  These events are only successful when people attend them – so it’s really nice when we get some new faces.  I hope you all had a great time and that I might see you at more upcoming events in the future.

Highlights of this years event included:  Alex winning the 50/50 draw (thanks for the beer by the way!), Chip stopping by in his ambulance and taking us all on an interactive tour outside the bar, Dan stopping by in his uniform, the cops stopping by and Brian’s Fyfe’s antic’s.

The food was pretty great (in my humble opinion anyway!), the room was comfortable (couches are a really nice feature), the beverages were plentiful and the company was OUTSTANDING.  All the makings of a perfect evening.

Those who attended:

Katherin Green, Tara Neal, Simon McNally, Peter Aspery, Heather Gillies, Tim Duffin, John Stephens, Mark Purcell, Jeff Lake, Shirley Whitwell, Dave Randall, Mike McConkey, Cynthia Thomson, Mike Flynn, Katherine Tomasik, Tim Collier, Brenda Saunders, Albert Fuchigami, Mark Burns, Georgina Burns, Dan Musgrove, Jeff Dowding, Laura Sluce, Giles Alder, Alex Ling, John Plumadore, Warner Clarke, Katrina Angel, Andrew Gough, Gord Fleming, Rebecca Fleming, Ryan “Tumor” Bell, Brian Fyfe, Christie Aylan-Parker, Pam Aylan-Parker, Ted Aylan-Parker, Andrew Cook, Gord McLean, Lauren Therien, Andrew Cook, Sandy McNabb, Jeff Bonin, Chris Wren, Dave Sandomerski, Dave “Chip” Cipolone, Tynan Draper and Julie  (please forgive me if I missed anybody – I blame it on the blonde – lager that is).

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1998 Pub Nite

On Tuesday December 29, 1998 – the Alumni once again took over Milwaukee’s Beerateria in Toronto for our annual Pub Night.  There was lots of good food, pool, air hockey and chatter.

Congratulations to Dave Randle who won the 50/50 draw – which was a very generous gesture. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to help offset the cost of the evening.  I’ll try and grow my arms for you all next year! (wink wink)  And thank you to Christie’s for the gift pack and Tara Neal for the additional yummy prizes.

Congratulations also to Rudy Mulder and Melinda, who left Jarvis at 4 so they could take a little tour of the city first. How was the zoo anyway guys? Good call of figuring out you’d get lost and leaving early…this way we at least got to see you for a bit. I hope we made the trip worth your while.

Although we did not have any organized tournaments again this year, I hope that everyone got a chance to play.  I think we have some pretty good pool players in the Alumni, I even heard gossip that some of you should be joining the pro circuit. Thanks to Dan for making us all aware of the rules, or at least his version of them early on in the evening. Thank you to Kevin for being such a good sport about all the chanting (we just want Alicia to win too!). you are all great at sharing…maybe some of you were beavers once!

And in air hockey news, I would have to say that Rob Lilbourne was the undisputed champion of the night…but remember Rob, nobody is gonna like you if you if you ALWAYS win!  And a special mention to Alicia Bell who almost beat him (You put up a great fight)!  I hope that Katrina Angel and Rob have both recuperated from their air hockey injuries (who knew it was a contact sport?) – next year maybe we’ll need to see some protective equipment.

If you didn’t come out this year, then you certainly missed out. Where else but Alumni pub night could you see old friends, drive a Hummer, drink beer, win cash and prizes, play hockey, gossip, eat some great snacks and play pool – all without leaving the room! Thank you to everyone who attended. I hope to see you all out again next year along with all those who missed out this year.

Who was there:

Alicia Bell, Kevin Bell, Giles Alder, Katrina Angel, Rob Lilbourne, Ed Balyk, Fred Beasly, Jeff Bonin, Matt Evans, Dave “Chip” Cipollone, Warner Clarke, Andrew Cook, Todd Damery, Albert Fuchigami, Heather Gillies, Andrew Gough, Vicki Quinn, Katherin Green, Alan Haley, Alex King, Jeff Lake, Vince Lau, Rudy Mulder, Melinda Passmore, Dan Musgrove, Tara Neal, Sarah Parks, Mark Purcell, Colin Quinn, Dave Randle, Rob Selby, John Stephens, Brian Tsuji, Duff Warren.

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1995 Pub Nite

Wednesday December 27th, 1995, marked our annual alumni pub night, and we had a great turnout! Once again it had all the makings of a great evening – good friends, munchies, pool and beer aplenty. We had a small pool tournament and great fun was had by all who participated. Top spot in this tournament went to John Stephens and Steve Holysh (Can you say rigged boys and girls!). Heather Smith (HSR volunteer) won the fifty-fifty draw jackpot (and she bought a round for her friends!) If anybody would like to see pictures of the event, please seek me out at the next Alumni function, as I took a whole bunch.

Thank you to the HSR Alumni Executive who made this event possible. If you weren’t there you certainly missed a great time.

Those in attendance included:

Katrina Angel (89-90), Kevin Bell (89-93), Steve Bertram (?), David Blackburn (88-92), Jeff Bonin (93-95), Dave “Chip” Cipollone (93-95), Warner Clarke (66-70), Andrew Cook (93-95), Mark Daly (73-78), Todd Damery (92-95), Jeremy Debling (86-90), Denéige Eisner (93-94), Albert Fuchigami (90-93), Heatherann Gillies (88-89), Keith Holden (89-93), Steve Holysh (78-82), John Jansen (78-81, 85, 93), Helen Karkas, Dr. Jamie Kissick (74-76, 88-90), John Kissick, Jeff Lake (76-77), Scott Martin (93-95), Alicia Matier (92-94), Tara Neal (90), Paul Parsons (90-94), Mark Purcell (80-84, 90-92), Heather Smith, John Stephens (82-84), Greg Taylor (91-95), Terence Van Halderen (90-94), Duff Warren (94-95), Ken Wrigglesworth (81-82, 85-86).

Please forgive me if I left anyone’s name, but it wasn’t suggested that we make a list until around the 5th beer!