Dr. Jamie Kissick

Jamie Kissick was a long time friend of HSR; starting work there in 1974 as the camp Indian1.    From there he progressed to Senior Composite Councillor and then Trapper/Outripper.    Jamie returned to Camp from 1988 to 1996 as Camp Doctor along with his wife Cathie, son Matthew (07 – 09) and Daughter Emily.    Jamie was also a member of the HSR Staff Alumni Bursary Selection committee from 2011 to 2019.

Jamie had a storied career as team doctor for the Ottawa Senators, the Ottawa Redblack and Renegades football clubs, Team doctor at several olympic and paralympic games as well as other international paralympic meets, chair position of the International Paralympic Medical Committee and a position with the World Anti-Doping Agency.   

There’s one day at camp with Jamie that stands out for me, It was one of those perfect evenings where the sun was going down after supper late in July.   Jamie, Fred Wolsey (74 to 76) and I had gone to get a tree we were planning to use at a Christmas party and had found a suitable one near Westview.   The tree was about 30 feet tall and had about a 1 foot in diameter trunk.   We tried putting it on the barge but it didn’t fit so we decided to tow it.  Soon after, we discovered that a 30 foot Christmas tree made a great anchor – it was dark when we reached the hub..   We had a great time talking and joking and the back of my head was sore from laughing afterwards.

Jamie passed away January 26th after a battle with cancer – everyone who knew him will miss him greatly.

  1. Editor note—Camp program that started in the late 1960’s to
    speak to some of the camp’s pre-history.