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Welcome to the following new additions to the HSR Alumni: Phil Lawson (98-99), Dave Hossack (78-79) and Ross Harrington (98-99), Murray Fenner (64).

Congratulations to Gord Fleming (84-88) on his employment as an Environmental Health Officer with the City of Toronto.

Congratulations to Kent Taylor (86-90) on his recent engagement (wedding scheduled for September 2000).

Congratulations also to Allan Haley (97-99) on being awarded the second annual Alumni Bursary at the 1999 Alumni Weekend. Alan has been on staff for the past three years and will be attending Seneca College in the fall of 1999. Well done!

Andrew Blackburn (88-94) has recently joined the Cobourg Volunteer Fire Department.

Don Wrigglesworth (86-88) will be travelling to Regina in September 1999 to start his training as an RCMP Officer.


Member News

Heather Gillies (88-89) is now working for Manulife Financial and has a new e-mail address.

Joel Jansen (83-85) reports that “Claire Christiana Jansen arrived on Thursday July 8th at 10:35 p.m. She weighed in at 3470g (7lbs 10 oz) and was 55 cm long at birth. Mother and daughter arrived home Saturday afternoon to an excited big bother (Leland) and proud grandparents, Ron and Dorothy Doll. All of us are adjusting, in our own way, to the welcome new addition of our family.”

Member News

Christie Aylan-Parker (94-96) will be working for four months for the Ministry of Agriculture in Guelph.

Peter Aylan-Parker (90-94,96-97) is currently working for the Cabinet Office of the Provincial Government of Ontario and living in Toronto.

Katrina Angel (89-90) will be leaving the OCAA to start a new job at York University on June 14th.

Chris Wren (91-93) reports that he is currently working for a multimedia company in the heart of TO as an Art Director, life is good (and he had nice things to say about this website!)

Matt Turk reports that he has almost completed his second year at RMC and is planning on becoming an Armoured Corps officer upon graduation.

Ken Wrigglesworth (81-82,85-86) has reported on his adventures in Japan where he is teaching English and notes that he and Akemi hope to get back to Canada for July and August.

1998 Pub Nite

On Tuesday December 29, 1998 – the Alumni once again took over Milwaukee’s Beerateria in Toronto for our annual Pub Night.  There was lots of good food, pool, air hockey and chatter.

Congratulations to Dave Randle who won the 50/50 draw – which was a very generous gesture. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to help offset the cost of the evening.  I’ll try and grow my arms for you all next year! (wink wink)  And thank you to Christie’s for the gift pack and Tara Neal for the additional yummy prizes.

Congratulations also to Rudy Mulder and Melinda, who left Jarvis at 4 so they could take a little tour of the city first. How was the zoo anyway guys? Good call of figuring out you’d get lost and leaving early…this way we at least got to see you for a bit. I hope we made the trip worth your while.

Although we did not have any organized tournaments again this year, I hope that everyone got a chance to play.  I think we have some pretty good pool players in the Alumni, I even heard gossip that some of you should be joining the pro circuit. Thanks to Dan for making us all aware of the rules, or at least his version of them early on in the evening. Thank you to Kevin for being such a good sport about all the chanting (we just want Alicia to win too!). you are all great at sharing…maybe some of you were beavers once!

And in air hockey news, I would have to say that Rob Lilbourne was the undisputed champion of the night…but remember Rob, nobody is gonna like you if you if you ALWAYS win!  And a special mention to Alicia Bell who almost beat him (You put up a great fight)!  I hope that Katrina Angel and Rob have both recuperated from their air hockey injuries (who knew it was a contact sport?) – next year maybe we’ll need to see some protective equipment.

If you didn’t come out this year, then you certainly missed out. Where else but Alumni pub night could you see old friends, drive a Hummer, drink beer, win cash and prizes, play hockey, gossip, eat some great snacks and play pool – all without leaving the room! Thank you to everyone who attended. I hope to see you all out again next year along with all those who missed out this year.

Who was there:

Alicia Bell, Kevin Bell, Giles Alder, Katrina Angel, Rob Lilbourne, Ed Balyk, Fred Beasly, Jeff Bonin, Matt Evans, Dave “Chip” Cipollone, Warner Clarke, Andrew Cook, Todd Damery, Albert Fuchigami, Heather Gillies, Andrew Gough, Vicki Quinn, Katherin Green, Alan Haley, Alex King, Jeff Lake, Vince Lau, Rudy Mulder, Melinda Passmore, Dan Musgrove, Tara Neal, Sarah Parks, Mark Purcell, Colin Quinn, Dave Randle, Rob Selby, John Stephens, Brian Tsuji, Duff Warren.

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Member News

Gone Home: It is with sadness that we report the passing of former HSR Staff member Ray McVeigh in Brampton, brother of Barry McVeigh (68-70) and James McVeigh (60-63) and father of John McVeigh (98). Ray had been ill for several months but was able to visit John at HSR last summer. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Congratulations to Andrew (88-94) and Jennifer (nee Gumbley) (90,93) Blackburn on the birth of their daughter Alexis Leigh at 4pm Tuesday Dec. 2, 1998. Baby weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. and both mom & baby are doing very well.

Congratulations to Greg Taylor (91-95) on his recent engagement to Amy Cartagenise. The wedding day is set for October 1, 1999.

Congratulations to Kevin Bell (89-93) who was hired in September as the Camp Ranger of Goodyear Memorial Scout Camp, Orangeville. the camp which was first developed by Lakeshore District and then Greater Toronto Region is now operated by Central Escarpment Region. All the best to Kevin!

Congratulations to Colin Quinn (95-98) who was announced at the recent Alumni Weekend as the first recipient of the HSR Staff Alumni Bursary! Colin as been an IT, Survival Instructor/Outtripper for two summers, and this summer was Waterfront Director. Colin will be attending Humber College in September ’98 in the Firefighter Preparation program.

1998 Golf Classic

On Saturday September 12th, the HSR Alumni took to the links for our first annual golf tournament.  The weather was great, as 35 of us took over Southern Pines golf course in Mount Hope, Ontario. We had a great day of golfing and highjinks on the course.  And when all the golfing was done, we headed to the Aylan-Parker’s home in Caledonia for a nice steak BBQ, awards and more fun.

After all was said and done we raised $400 for the Alumni Bursary fund. The event was a rousing success and Peter and myself are already talking about next year being even better.

Gord McLean tees off with an audience.Thanks to all of our generous benefactors: Canada Trust, Erie Paving, CT Mutual Funds, CT Private Investment Counsel, Yuk Yuk’s, Grey Owl Paddles Ltd, Tricon Restaurants (Pizza Hut), The Toronto Argonauts and Ted and Pam Aylan-Parker. And an extra special thank you to Ted Aylan-Parker, who turned his 50/50 draw winnings back into the bursary!

Last but certainly not least thank you to all those who came out to support this event. You made the event the success that it was and we hope to see you all back out next year!!

Team 1:  Pam Aylan-Parker, Brian Fyfe, Ross Harrington, Jeff Lake
Team 2:  Andrew Gawur, Brad Grabham, Colen Van Nice, Dave Webster
Team 3:  Peter Aylan-Parker, Ty Draper, Vince Lau (and late additions Adam and Alan who joined us unofficially)
Team 4:  Ryan Bell, Jeff Dowding, Mike Gallimore, Tara Neal
Team 5:  Roman Gawur, Tom Peace, Terence Van Halderan, Sean Johnstone
Team 6:  Dave Blackburn, Mark Burns, Father Debling, Jeremy Debling
Team 7:  Georgina Burns, Phil Lawson, Ryan Leggo, Heather Gillies
Team 8:  Rudy Mulder, Sarah Parks, Colin Quinn, John Stephens
Team 9:  Ted Aylan-Parker, Chris Eggleton, Gord McLean, Brian Taylor

Dinner guests:  Shirley and Lois Whitwell, Mark Purcell, Ryan Way

1998 Bursary Award

First HSR Staff Bursary Awarded

Colin Quinn (95-98) – The first recipient of the HSR Staff Alumni Association Bursary was a Beaver, Cub, Scout and Venturer and worked at HSR for four years as Staff-in-Training, Outtripper/Survival Instructor and Senior Waterfront Instructor.

He attended Humber College’s Fire Services Preparation Program in fall/winter of 1998/99 and graduated with Honours.

In June 2000 Colin was hired onto the Markham Fire and Emergencies Services Department as a firefighter (the youngest of over 160 firefighters!) and has returned on numerous occasions to provide fire fighting instruction to the staff. He married camp nurse Sarah Parks-Quinn (98-08) and now living in Brooklyn, Ontario. Colin and Sarah have a daughter Emma Morgan born in 2005 and a son Gavin Douglas born in 2009.


1996 Trails Weekend

Building the Pee Pond Bridge at 1996 Trails Weekend (Colin Quinn standing on Bridge)

This weekend combines camp service with a social opportunity. Each fall, a large number of Alumni gather at camp to clear, renovate or rebuild some of the 35 km of hiking trails at HSR during the day and renew old friendships each evening.

Finished Product – to last 14 years.

During the September 1996 weekend, twenty-five Alumni built a brand new, sixty foot bridge across Pee Pond to replace the previous route over the crumbling beaver dam. Although the base was built from two large pines felled at the site, all the lumber for the runners and decking had to be carried in from Moore Lake to Pee Pond. Thanks to John Pollock (?-96) and his father for arranging donation of lumber for the decking.

Check out a great photo of the new bridge at the left (yes that’s Ab Morrow on the bridge!)

There was also maintenance work done on the Pike’s Peak and J.C. Trails.

Thanks to all for their hard work including those who laboured in the kitchen to feed everyone!

Fall 2010 Update:

At the 2010 Fall Trails Weekend, the bridge which had now rotted out and become dangerous, was demolished and the trail re-routed around the south and west sides of Pee Pond. (See Pee Pond 2010)

On the ramp



1995 Pub Nite

Wednesday December 27th, 1995, marked our annual alumni pub night, and we had a great turnout! Once again it had all the makings of a great evening – good friends, munchies, pool and beer aplenty. We had a small pool tournament and great fun was had by all who participated. Top spot in this tournament went to John Stephens and Steve Holysh (Can you say rigged boys and girls!). Heather Smith (HSR volunteer) won the fifty-fifty draw jackpot (and she bought a round for her friends!) If anybody would like to see pictures of the event, please seek me out at the next Alumni function, as I took a whole bunch.

Thank you to the HSR Alumni Executive who made this event possible. If you weren’t there you certainly missed a great time.

Those in attendance included:

Katrina Angel (89-90), Kevin Bell (89-93), Steve Bertram (?), David Blackburn (88-92), Jeff Bonin (93-95), Dave “Chip” Cipollone (93-95), Warner Clarke (66-70), Andrew Cook (93-95), Mark Daly (73-78), Todd Damery (92-95), Jeremy Debling (86-90), Denéige Eisner (93-94), Albert Fuchigami (90-93), Heatherann Gillies (88-89), Keith Holden (89-93), Steve Holysh (78-82), John Jansen (78-81, 85, 93), Helen Karkas, Dr. Jamie Kissick (74-76, 88-90), John Kissick, Jeff Lake (76-77), Scott Martin (93-95), Alicia Matier (92-94), Tara Neal (90), Paul Parsons (90-94), Mark Purcell (80-84, 90-92), Heather Smith, John Stephens (82-84), Greg Taylor (91-95), Terence Van Halderen (90-94), Duff Warren (94-95), Ken Wrigglesworth (81-82, 85-86).

Please forgive me if I left anyone’s name, but it wasn’t suggested that we make a list until around the 5th beer!

1994 Trails Weekend

This year saw the largest gathering to date of Alumni and friends for our annual fall Trails Weekend which was held September 16-18, 1994. This gave us a chance to catch up on some much needed maintenance, reconstruction and finishing of trails which had taken a back seat to the reconstruction of Kennabi Lodge over the last year.

Major reconstruction was done on the JC Trail between Mislaid and Drag Lakes. Apparently the Composite Scouters this summer felt that we had understated the condition of this section of trail in the Trail Guide when it was described as being in “slight disrepair”. Major clearing and re-marking should make this trail more useable over the next few years. The final clearing and marking of the Pike’s Peak Trail extension between Moore and Minnie Lakes was finally completed. The Cooper’s Loop, Dobson Trail, Lost Lake Trail and the remainder of the Pike’s Peak Trail were also patrolled, cleared and re-marked.

In addition to trail maintenance, we were able to help finish some work on Kennabi Lodge and assist Ranger Murray Crimless with some other camp work. As always those in attendance enjoyed their share of socializing and fellowship.

Thanks to Katrina Angel (89-90), Kevin Bell (89-93), Dave Blackburn (88-92), Jeff Bonin (93-94), Mark and Georgina Burns (88), and friends Sean and Trevor, Dave “Chip” Cipollone (93-94), Todd Damery (92-94), Jeremy Debling (86-90), Deneige Eisner (93-94), friend Heather and Mrs; Eisner, Heather Gillies (88-89) and friend Heather, Andrew Joyce (89-91) and friends Andrew, Andrew and Richard, Alicia Matier (92-93), Mark Purcell (80-84, 90-92), Eric Scott (94) and Mr Scott, Greg Taylor (91-94), Duff Warren (94) and friend Joe, Shirley Whitwell (81-), Don Wrigglesworth (86-88) and friend Robin.