1995 Pub Nite

Wednesday December 27th, 1995, marked our annual alumni pub night, and we had a great turnout! Once again it had all the makings of a great evening – good friends, munchies, pool and beer aplenty. We had a small pool tournament and great fun was had by all who participated. Top spot in this tournament went to John Stephens and Steve Holysh (Can you say rigged boys and girls!). Heather Smith (HSR volunteer) won the fifty-fifty draw jackpot (and she bought a round for her friends!) If anybody would like to see pictures of the event, please seek me out at the next Alumni function, as I took a whole bunch.

Thank you to the HSR Alumni Executive who made this event possible. If you weren’t there you certainly missed a great time.

Those in attendance included:

Katrina Angel (89-90), Kevin Bell (89-93), Steve Bertram (?), David Blackburn (88-92), Jeff Bonin (93-95), Dave “Chip” Cipollone (93-95), Warner Clarke (66-70), Andrew Cook (93-95), Mark Daly (73-78), Todd Damery (92-95), Jeremy Debling (86-90), Denéige Eisner (93-94), Albert Fuchigami (90-93), Heatherann Gillies (88-89), Keith Holden (89-93), Steve Holysh (78-82), John Jansen (78-81, 85, 93), Helen Karkas, Dr. Jamie Kissick (74-76, 88-90), John Kissick, Jeff Lake (76-77), Scott Martin (93-95), Alicia Matier (92-94), Tara Neal (90), Paul Parsons (90-94), Mark Purcell (80-84, 90-92), Heather Smith, John Stephens (82-84), Greg Taylor (91-95), Terence Van Halderen (90-94), Duff Warren (94-95), Ken Wrigglesworth (81-82, 85-86).

Please forgive me if I left anyone’s name, but it wasn’t suggested that we make a list until around the 5th beer!

1994 Trails Weekend

This year saw the largest gathering to date of Alumni and friends for our annual fall Trails Weekend which was held September 16-18, 1994. This gave us a chance to catch up on some much needed maintenance, reconstruction and finishing of trails which had taken a back seat to the reconstruction of Kennabi Lodge over the last year.

Major reconstruction was done on the JC Trail between Mislaid and Drag Lakes. Apparently the Composite Scouters this summer felt that we had understated the condition of this section of trail in the Trail Guide when it was described as being in “slight disrepair”. Major clearing and re-marking should make this trail more useable over the next few years. The final clearing and marking of the Pike’s Peak Trail extension between Moore and Minnie Lakes was finally completed. The Cooper’s Loop, Dobson Trail, Lost Lake Trail and the remainder of the Pike’s Peak Trail were also patrolled, cleared and re-marked.

In addition to trail maintenance, we were able to help finish some work on Kennabi Lodge and assist Ranger Murray Crimless with some other camp work. As always those in attendance enjoyed their share of socializing and fellowship.

Thanks to Katrina Angel (89-90), Kevin Bell (89-93), Dave Blackburn (88-92), Jeff Bonin (93-94), Mark and Georgina Burns (88), and friends Sean and Trevor, Dave “Chip” Cipollone (93-94), Todd Damery (92-94), Jeremy Debling (86-90), Deneige Eisner (93-94), friend Heather and Mrs; Eisner, Heather Gillies (88-89) and friend Heather, Andrew Joyce (89-91) and friends Andrew, Andrew and Richard, Alicia Matier (92-93), Mark Purcell (80-84, 90-92), Eric Scott (94) and Mr Scott, Greg Taylor (91-94), Duff Warren (94) and friend Joe, Shirley Whitwell (81-), Don Wrigglesworth (86-88) and friend Robin.


1992 Trails Weekend

This year’s annual Trail Work Weekend was held on September 18-20, 1992 and we were blessed with perfect weather for our efforts. The goal was to completely reroute, flag and clear the Cooper’s Loop Trail from Mislaid to North Lake since previous trails were completely lost. The trail was flagged, cleared and raked by two teams which started at Mislaid and north and luckily the teams managed to meet somewhere in between!

Thanks to the hard work of those attending, all that’s left to do is posting the permanent markers next summer. This now makes the Cooper’s Loop Trail a real loop and provides a number of options to hikers in planning their routes. Some major chain saw work was also done on the JC Trail where the beavers and wind had conspired to block the trail at the west end of Mislaid Lake where it starts toward Drag Lake.

Participating this year were Trails Chair Ken Wrigglesworth (81-82,85-86) and his wife Akemi, Dennis Cook (85-89), John Hulley, Shaun McFarlane (83-84), Dr Ross Parrot (84-92), John Stephens (82-84), Dave Taylor (83-87), Kent Taylor (86-90), Greg Taylor (91-92), Jeff Wilson (85-86) and his wife Wendy, Don Wrigglesworth (86-88). Special thanks to Mark Purcell (80-84,90-92) for cooking all our meals on time, even if we weren’t!

Work is also continuing on a Trail Guide for campers describing the routes and providing a variety of information to assist scouters. We hope to have the first working draft ready for next summer.


1991 Trail Weekend

Aside from sporadic work in the summer, most of the trail construction for 1991 took place on the trails weekend in September. On this lovely weathered weekend, eighteen staff alumni put in a fine scouting effort to blaze a three kilometre section of the Cooper’s Loop from Hurst Lake to North Lake.

Highlights of the weekend included: Jeff Wilson’s bridge erection, John Jansen’s instruction on the finer points of Botswanan work ethic (the “bake”), and his brother Joel’s dirty jokes.

Others present on the weekend were:

Giles Alder (89-91), Katrina Angel (89-90), Kevin Bell (89-), Jason Brearley (87-89), Nigel Glover (81-85), Steve Holysh (78-82), Dave Taylor (83-87), Morgan Illsley (88-91), Mark Purcell (80-84,90-), Thom Smith (81-83), John Stephens (82-84), Shirley Whitwell (81-), Kent Taylor (86-90) andKen Wrigglesworth (81-82,85-86).