This section contains profiles on former and current staff members.

Profile update project 

Ever wonder what happened to that cabin mate you lost track of years ago? Or a fellow IT you haven’t seen or heard from since he or she moved out of the country?  Where are they living now? Did they ever finish school? What kind of work are they in? Do they have a family?

We can’t answer those questions about ever staff member but we’re undertaking a project to update and expand the member profiles on our website and we need your help!

What are we looking for?

Whatever people might want to know about you and you’re willing to share!! Where you grew up, your Scouting/Guiding experience, camping at HSR prior to joining staff, what you did at HSR, where and what of any higher education, places you’ve lived, places you’ve worked, marriage, children, accomplishments and awards – its up to you!

Once we’ve created your profile page, we’ll also try to make sure we link to any other articles on the website submitted by you or that relate to you.

Can I include photos in my profile?

For sure! Perhaps you have a photo that is particularly representative of your time at camp, or maybe one of your family. To make it easier for us to manage photos on the site, we ask that if at all possible you submit:

  • not more than four photos
  • photos in jpg format
  • that the photos are not more than 300 dpi in resolution (200 is ideal)
  • that the size is not larger than 300 x 300 pixels.

Please DO NOT send your photos as part of a Word document but as separate attachments to your email.

We’ll still accept your photos if you (or a friend or family member) can’t meet these guidelines, but it may mean a delay in getting your photos posted. Please remember to provide a caption for each photo too.

Some additional guidelines:

  • Remember you don’t have to wait until your profile is absolutely complete to submit – you can always provide updates or further information later.
  • If you’d prefer to submit your material in point form rather than paragraph, that’s ok too.
  • If you refer to another HSR staffer in your profile, please bold the name (see my sample above). If you don’t know their years of service, we’ll add it in when we post it.
  • Less than 1,000 words is a guideline but not a hard rule. We do reserve the right to edit your submission.
  • Our preference is for you to submit your text in the body of an email (instead of a Word attachment) and attach any photos with the same email message. This keeps everything together, minimizes the storage space need on my computer, and makes it easier to deal with formatting.
  • Send your email to: with “Profile Update” in the subject heading.

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