2010 Bursary Awards

Three Bursary Awards for 2010

Once again this year, the Bursary Selection Committee faced a daunting task choosing a recipient of the bursary award.  Since HSR attracts such exceptional people to its staff, this decision can be quite challenging.  Finally after much discussion, three applicants were deemed equally worthy of this year’s award.

The amount of the 2010 award was $700, but a donation during the selection committee meeting of $50, increased the amount for each recipient to $250.  After the award announcement during Alumni Weekend, two alumni members donated an additional $75 each to increase the total award for each recipient to $350.  Thanks go to Casey Pitul (02) and Warner Clarke (66-70) for their donations.

The recipients of the 2010 HSR Staff Alumni Bursary Award, in alphabetical order, are Salvatore Alberti, Ian Hancock, and James Holloway.

L-R: Sal Alberti, James Holloway, Ian Hancock

Salvatore (Sal) was also a partial winner of last year’s bursary award.  2010 was Sal’s 5th year on staff, having worked as an SIT, Archery Range Master, Rappelling Instructor/Composite, Senior Rappelling Instructor, and this year as the SIT Coordinator and Senior Rappelling.  Sal is in his 2nd year at the University of Toronto studying  Industrial Engineering.

Ian has also previously been a bursary recipient, having received the award in 2007.  Ian has been on staff for seven years, as a SIT, Trapper/Composite, Archery Instructor/Composite, Climbing Wall Instructor, and currently as Senior Climbing Wall Instructor.  Ian is in his final year of studies at University of Toronto Scarborough doing a triple minor in Biology, Psychology and History.  Ian plans to continue his education after graduating this spring, by pursuing a program in Paramedicine.

This summer was James’ 4th year working at HSR.  James has held the positions of SIT, Admin Clerk and Assistant Office Manager.  James began his first year of studies at Brock University this September, in Recreation & Leisure.

Congratulations to James, Ian, and Sal!


We look forward to more exceptional applicants and next year’s award announcement at Alumni Weekend.

Donations to the Bursary are always needed and welcome.  It is one of my goals as Bursary Chair to have sufficient funds available each year to enable us to select recipients based on quality, rather than be limited by quantity. That way in years like this when multiple excellent applications are submitted, each worthy applicant could receive the full financial award.

As a final note, thanks go to Geoff Vaughan (99-06) who recently made a donation to the bursary.  Geoff received a Bursary Award in 2002.