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Your Alumni Thunderbird Has a New Editor

Issue 60 marks the first issue with Ken Wrigglesworth as editor. Ken becomes the 5th editor after John Stephens, John Jansen, Shaun McFarlane, Jeremy Debling and, most recently, Warner Clarke.

Ken is no stranger to the Alumni Thunderbird as he has been a frequent contributor in the past. On behalf of myself and all past editors, we wish Ken every success. May your inbox forever be full of material for future issues and may all your computer glitches be minor.

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Three “Generations” of Trappers

Three “generations” of Trappers met in the Hub during the 2011 Alumni Reunion Weekend: Ken Wrigglesworth (Trapper in 85 & 86), current Camp Director Kevin Bell (Trapper in 91 & 93) and Jacob Ursulak (Trapper ’11).

Kevin, while draping a lovely skunk pelt across his chest, is explaining how 19th century trappers would fashion bikini tops for their ladies from skunk pelts.

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