Gone Home

ANDERSON, Dr. James “Jim” Edward (54-57,59) – PROFILE,  ARTICLE by F, Bruce Ryans.

BUESNEL, A. S. (Fred) (59-62)
Served as Camp Quartermaster.

BUESNEL, Ruby (59-62)
Served as Staff Cook.

BUTLER, Jim (69-73*) Died June 16, 2001
Served as Administrator and Camp Director. Jim retired as an Executive Director from the Executive Staff of Scouts Canada.

CHIPPER, Guy (71-80**) Died December 1980.
Served as Camp Cook.

CURTIS, Peter (81-83) Died November 1992.
Served as Senior Composite Assistant Scout Master, Composite Skipper and Senior Waterfront Director.

DOBSON, Jack (72-88***)

DONAGHY, Lieutenant Colonel Mike, OMM, CD (74-75) Died September 3, 2003.
Served as a Staff-in-Training and Store Clerk. He was a brother to Ken (76) and uncle to James ( ). Mike served as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces before his death from leukemia in September 2003. On October 7, 2002, Mike was appointed an Officer of the Order of Military Merit, an Order established to provide a worthy means of recognizing conspicuous merit and exceptional service by members of the Canadian Forces.

DONAGHY, Tom (80-81)

ENGEL, Robert (87-88) Died December 16th, 1999
Served as Store Manger. After retiring from his real job, Robbie became a full time volunteer in the GTR office.

JONES, Ron (51-52)
Ron was a Scout Executive in the Greater Toronto Region and served at HSR as Deputy Camp Chief.

HOLYSH, Phil (83-85)


MCLEAN, Don – Died November 28, 1999.


MOORE, James C. “JC” (47-70****)
Served as first Camp Director and Camp Ranger from 1947 until his death. JC had previously served as a Field Commissioner in Metropolitan Toronto and during some of his winters, lived at Goodyear Memorial Scout Camp (Orangeville) as Ranger.


MUNRO, Tom (56-62,69) Died January 26, 1990

PARROTT, Dr. Ross (81-95**) Died November 14, 2002
Served for several years as a camp doctor and was also a regular participant at HSR Mix-Fix and Alumni Trail weekends.

ROSS, Doug (68-70) Died May 22, 2009

RYANS (Nee FINK), Shirley (55-56)  Died December 17, 2006
Served as Food Supervisor for Camp Kennabi Staff – HQ. Is now a semi-retired teacher having taught at the elementary, secondary and community college levels. Shirley married Bruce Ryans (54-55).

STANDING, Elsie (66-88****) Died April 26, 2004
Elsie was the wife of the late Frank Standing, and mother of John Standing and together they were a major presence at the camp from 1966-1988. Elsie was very kind and friendly, and will be greatly missed by everyone who’s life she touched.

STANDING, Frank (66-67,69-72,74-88) Died May 13, 1991

TAYLOR, Robert S. (65-66) Died March 1990
Served as Administrator. Bob served Scouting as a Scout Executive for many years before his retirement.

THISTLETHWAITE, C. B. “Barney” (1989) Died c1996?
Served as HSR Maintenance Assistant for one year, Barney had been the Camp Ranger at Woodland Trails for several years before retiring.

VAUGHAN, The Rev Dr Paul (56) Died October 3, 2000 of heart failure.
Served as a Canoe Instructor and truck driver. Paul was a missionary, bible teacher and counsellor with “Yours for Life Ministries”. Paul’s wife of 41 years passed away in March 2000 and his eldest son Steven on July 1, 2002.

WARMAN, George (69-71) Died November 11, 2009 of heart attack.
Served as composite staff, maintenance staff and land transport.

WHITEN, Keith (00-03) Died June 24, 2003
Keith Whiten passed away on Tuesday morning, June 24 at the age of 58. He had not been well and was readmitted to hospital recently. He was with family when he died.  Keith was on staff from 2000-2003, as the Facilities Director (aka Ranger) at HSR. In 2003 the Keith Whiten Memorial Award was established “for the dedication of service to the HSR Maintenance Dept and a strong willingness to learn.”

WOODS, Ken (48) – Former LIFE MEMBER – Died January 2007.
First paid staff member.


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  1. Ron Rodchester should be added as Director along with Roy Hockings. Both GTR executive staff.

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