2008 Trail Weekend

This year’s trails weekend was a great success with a number of projects that had been identified at the 2007 weekend successfully completed.

JC Trail—Drag Lake section – The trail has been impassable for several years because of the combined effect of a logging and severe weather. The greatest obstacle was the great number of trees that had been blown down and covered the bottom of the valley between the road and the campsite. Over the weekend, a new trail route was flagged, cleared and marked. The new trail route goes around the valley, although slightly longer, provides and easier grade up and down the height of land bordering the valley.

The JC Trail from the road north east to Mislaid Lake was also cleared and re-marked.

GT—High Falls section – Volunteers restored the bridging that supported the trail sections over Bartley Beaver dam. Trail markings were improved.

Pikes Peak Trail – Trail improvements were made at both the gorge and the Minnie Lake ends of the Pikes Peak trail. Retired rappelling cliff ropes were used to establish hand holds for climbing or descending the gorge and the Minnie Lake end of the trail. This will not only improve the ease and safety of the two ends of the Pikes Peal ascent/descent but should slow down the erosion of the soil at these points and provide a better alternative hand hold to the trees beside the trail, particularly at the gorge end.

The weekend’s work crew consisted of 2008 staff members Rob Owens, Jamie Simmons, Steve Coyle, Ana Maria Jaimes, Anna Walas, Andrew Mecke, J.T. Pickering, Emily Simmons, Catherine Hough, Sal Alberti, Alumni members Grant Lafontaine (Trails Chiar) Dean Janowski, Katherin Green, Jeff Lake, Barbara Hough, Mark Purcell and Warner Clarke, plus guest volunteers, Beth Hoen, Monica Nelson, Bill Mansfield and Graham Mansfield.

Mark and Jeff kept us all well fed during the weekend. Rob organized an extreme monopoly tournament and Bill, Graham, Beth and Warner provided some evening tunes.

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