Alumni Weekend 2016

Alumni Weekend 2016

Alumni Weekend header

HSR Alumni Weekend

Friday August 5 – Sunday August 7, 2016

After enjoying an extended spring that began in November (briefly interrupted by winter at the beginning of April), it sure feels like summer now. Growing up, it was around this time that those of us who were so lucky began to totally mail it in at school knowing that another summer at the Haliburton Scout Reserve was imminent.

Now that we’re all responsible adults (give or take ~50%), it is nice to know that we can recapture this feeling in a small way, with the HSR Staff Alumni Weekend fast approaching. Whether it’s an annual tradition for you or you haven’t been back to the shores of Kennabi since days past (or long-past), we would like to welcome you!

It is an excellent opportunity to return to HSR to hang around with staff past and present, (and long-past) who all shared the common experience of spending the summer months working there. We have several activities planned (see the schedule below), and the weather is always perfect (give or take ~50%). MORE

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