Bursary 2019


One of the first ideas The Alumni Association had after it was founded 30 years ago was to set up an annual bursary to be awarded to a current staff member who is going into post-secondary studies following the summer. The aim was to help the camp hang on to good, experienced people for a few more summers.

Even back then, the cost of post-secondary education was the reason many of us had to find way crappier but better paying jobs instead of coming back here.  

So here we are, 30 years later, to congratulate the 2019 winner.

The submissions, as always, were excellent and the Selection Committee’s decision was a very tough one.

This year’s recipient is Chris Bulman.

Chris has been on staff since 2013, and he describes his summers here as “flipping a reset button” on his year. I think a lot of us totally get what he means by that.

Now a Senior Staff member after years of teaching and learning from HSR campers, he is looking forward to a new challenge this fall as he begins studying Business Accounting at Niagara College, with a view to becoming a Financial Manager.

Congratulations to Chris, the winner of the 2019 HSR Staff Alumni Association Bursary Award.


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