1998 Pub Nite

On Tuesday December 29, 1998 – the Alumni once again took over Milwaukee’s Beerateria in Toronto for our annual Pub Night.  There was lots of good food, pool, air hockey and chatter.

Congratulations to Dave Randle who won the 50/50 draw – which was a very generous gesture. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to help offset the cost of the evening.  I’ll try and grow my arms for you all next year! (wink wink)  And thank you to Christie’s for the gift pack and Tara Neal for the additional yummy prizes.

Congratulations also to Rudy Mulder and Melinda, who left Jarvis at 4 so they could take a little tour of the city first. How was the zoo anyway guys? Good call of figuring out you’d get lost and leaving early…this way we at least got to see you for a bit. I hope we made the trip worth your while.

Although we did not have any organized tournaments again this year, I hope that everyone got a chance to play.  I think we have some pretty good pool players in the Alumni, I even heard gossip that some of you should be joining the pro circuit. Thanks to Dan for making us all aware of the rules, or at least his version of them early on in the evening. Thank you to Kevin for being such a good sport about all the chanting (we just want Alicia to win too!). you are all great at sharing…maybe some of you were beavers once!

And in air hockey news, I would have to say that Rob Lilbourne was the undisputed champion of the night…but remember Rob, nobody is gonna like you if you if you ALWAYS win!  And a special mention to Alicia Bell who almost beat him (You put up a great fight)!  I hope that Katrina Angel and Rob have both recuperated from their air hockey injuries (who knew it was a contact sport?) – next year maybe we’ll need to see some protective equipment.

If you didn’t come out this year, then you certainly missed out. Where else but Alumni pub night could you see old friends, drive a Hummer, drink beer, win cash and prizes, play hockey, gossip, eat some great snacks and play pool – all without leaving the room! Thank you to everyone who attended. I hope to see you all out again next year along with all those who missed out this year.

Who was there:

Alicia Bell, Kevin Bell, Giles Alder, Katrina Angel, Rob Lilbourne, Ed Balyk, Fred Beasly, Jeff Bonin, Matt Evans, Dave “Chip” Cipollone, Warner Clarke, Andrew Cook, Todd Damery, Albert Fuchigami, Heather Gillies, Andrew Gough, Vicki Quinn, Katherin Green, Alan Haley, Alex King, Jeff Lake, Vince Lau, Rudy Mulder, Melinda Passmore, Dan Musgrove, Tara Neal, Sarah Parks, Mark Purcell, Colin Quinn, Dave Randle, Rob Selby, John Stephens, Brian Tsuji, Duff Warren.

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