2011 HSRSA Bursary Recipient

Robbin Wai

The 2011 recipient of the $700 HSR Staff Alumni Bursary is Robbin Wai, from Toronto.

Robbin joined Scouting as a Beaver at age 4, and first went to HSR with his Scout Troop as he was finishing Cubs.  He returned to HSR every summer as a Scout.  Robbin’s Venturer Company did not camp at HSR, but he was reconnected with the camp through a friend who was on staff.  Robbin joined the HSR staff last summer as Trapper and this past summer was a Rifle Instructor.

Robbin wrote in his application something that is sure to resonate with Alumni members.  He says, “I believe that it takes more than one summer to leave a lasting impression on camp; however, it takes less that for camp to leave a lasting impression on you.”

Robbin began his first year studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Windsor in September.

The Bursary is one of the most important activities of the Alumni Association, and is financially supported through fundraising events and donations.  Current HSR staff members pursuing post-secondary education are eligible to apply for the award each year.  Selection criteria include contributions to HSR and Scouting, as well as financial need.  Please support the Bursary by participating in Alumni fundraising events or by making a donation.  Contact Katrina Angel, Bursary Chair at bursary@hsrsa.ca for more information.

Bowling for Bursary 2011

Bowlerama West
5429 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON

April 30, 2011 – 7:30 pm

Come on out for a fun evening with alumni members and earn some money for the HSRSA Bursary. Bowling for Bursary 2011 is a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the bursary fund. Bowling for Bursary 2011 is open to all Alumni members and their friends and family. No bowling ability or experience required.

Cost is $20 per person – this will give you 2 games of 10 pin and temporary ownership of a fine pair of bowling shoes.

Organize a team of 4 to 6 bowlers or come alone and we will match you with a team.

We encourage persons who are not able to come in person to sponsor a bowler and thus contribute to the Bursary fund.

If you are planning to attend, please RSVP by April 25th to Thunderbird@hsrsa.ca. If you have a team, please provide the name of the team and the number of team members (team member names would be good too).

If you wish sponsor a bowler, please send a cheque payable to Haliburton Scout Reserve Staff Alumni Association, to:
Bowling for Bursary
c/o 6 Harbord Cres
Ajax, ON L1S 4E1

Hungry? Thirsty? Plan to head just down the road to Scruffy Murphy’s, 225 The East Mall, Etobicoke, after the event.

2011 HSRSA Poker Night!

Saturday, March 5 at 7:00pm, Franklin Horner Community Centre

HSRSA Poker Night is a fundraiser Texas Hold ‘Em tournament with all proceeds going to the bursary fund. HSRSA Poker Night is open to all Alumni members, previous and current staff members, and their friends and family. Participants must be over 19 years of age.

Buy-in is $20 per game. Prize payouts of 50% of buy-ins, with 50% going to the bursary fund. 2nd place wins their $20 buy-in. 1st place wins the rest!

If you are planning to attend, please RSVP to bursary@hsrsa.ca

Franklin Horner Community Centre is located at 432 Horner Avenue, Etobicoke, ON, M8W 2B3. Click here for a map to the Centre. Plenty of parking is available behind Centre, off Beta St.

2010 Bursary Awards

Three Bursary Awards for 2010

Once again this year, the Bursary Selection Committee faced a daunting task choosing a recipient of the bursary award.  Since HSR attracts such exceptional people to its staff, this decision can be quite challenging.  Finally after much discussion, three applicants were deemed equally worthy of this year’s award.

The amount of the 2010 award was $700, but a donation during the selection committee meeting of $50, increased the amount for each recipient to $250.  After the award announcement during Alumni Weekend, two alumni members donated an additional $75 each to increase the total award for each recipient to $350.  Thanks go to Casey Pitul (02) and Warner Clarke (66-70) for their donations.

The recipients of the 2010 HSR Staff Alumni Bursary Award, in alphabetical order, are Salvatore Alberti, Ian Hancock, and James Holloway.

L-R: Sal Alberti, James Holloway, Ian Hancock

Salvatore (Sal) was also a partial winner of last year’s bursary award.  2010 was Sal’s 5th year on staff, having worked as an SIT, Archery Range Master, Rappelling Instructor/Composite, Senior Rappelling Instructor, and this year as the SIT Coordinator and Senior Rappelling.  Sal is in his 2nd year at the University of Toronto studying  Industrial Engineering.

Ian has also previously been a bursary recipient, having received the award in 2007.  Ian has been on staff for seven years, as a SIT, Trapper/Composite, Archery Instructor/Composite, Climbing Wall Instructor, and currently as Senior Climbing Wall Instructor.  Ian is in his final year of studies at University of Toronto Scarborough doing a triple minor in Biology, Psychology and History.  Ian plans to continue his education after graduating this spring, by pursuing a program in Paramedicine.

This summer was James’ 4th year working at HSR.  James has held the positions of SIT, Admin Clerk and Assistant Office Manager.  James began his first year of studies at Brock University this September, in Recreation & Leisure.

Congratulations to James, Ian, and Sal!


We look forward to more exceptional applicants and next year’s award announcement at Alumni Weekend.

Donations to the Bursary are always needed and welcome.  It is one of my goals as Bursary Chair to have sufficient funds available each year to enable us to select recipients based on quality, rather than be limited by quantity. That way in years like this when multiple excellent applications are submitted, each worthy applicant could receive the full financial award.

As a final note, thanks go to Geoff Vaughan (99-06) who recently made a donation to the bursary.  Geoff received a Bursary Award in 2002.

2009 Bursary Award

This year there were two applicants for the bursary award. The selection committee found it extremely difficult to choose between the applications. For every point raised in favour of one, an equal point was made for the other. In the end, the selection committee decided that both applicants were equally deserving of the award.

Sal Alberti with his Bursary Certificate

The recipients of the 2009 HSR Staff Alumni Bursary are, in alphabetical order, Salvatore (Sal) Alberti and Andrea Howland. Sal and Andrea were each awarded half of the $700 Bursary award amount.

Sal first went to HSR as a Cub with Adventureland Goes North, and then continued on to camp as a Scout, before joining the staff in 2006. Sal has held the positions of SIT, Archery Instructor, Composite/Rappelling Instructor, and this year is a Rappelling Instructor.

Sal is a musician, specifically a violinist. (We were entertained by Sal at Alumni Weekend’s Hub & Cub Pub/Open Mic event – on guitar and on violin.) However, Sal has chosen to expand his boundaries beyond music, and began the Engineering program at the University of Toronto this September.

Andrea Howland with her Bursary Certificate

Andrea joined Scouts at 11 years of age, and has been going to HSR since. In 2005, she was an SIT, moving on to positions of Composite/Kitchen, Composite/Rappelling Instructor, Low Ropes Girl, IT Coordinator/Rappelling Instructor.

Andrea has taken the teachings and influence of Scouting to heart and will be continuing with them in her education. She began Social Justice and Peace Studies a King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario this September. Andrea graduated from high school last year, but took this past year to work to earn money to be able to afford to go away to school to Western to take this particular program – a unique program in Ontario.

Congratulations to both Sal and Andrea!

2009 Bowling for Bursary

Bowling for Bursary earns $310 for Bursary Fund

A small but enthusiastic group of 27 alumni friends and family descended upon the Dundas West Bowlerama on April 18, 2009 and raised a total of $310.75 for the Alumni Bursary.

High Game score: Derek (Diddy) Lawrence – 182
Best two game score:  Krys Angel – 266
Best team name:  Team Diddy
Best score by a bowler not actually in attendance:  Simon McNally – 110
Best style: Katrina Angel (for having her own ball & bag)
Most improved bowler for 2010:  Ian “can you get 8 consecutive gutter balls” Handcock

After the event, most bowlers wandered down the street to Scruffy Murphy’s to re-hash the games, catch up on friendships and further embellish the core mythologies of the various decades of camp employment represented by those in attendance, while enjoying samples of the consumable products that were presented on that establishment’s menu. In short—we talked, noshed and re-hydrated.

Please plan to join us at the 2010 Bowling for Bursary. Join the fun and help raise some funds!

The HSR Staff Alumni Bursary is awarded annually to a current staff member of HSR who will be attending a post-secondary education institution the following year and has shown a continuing contribution to the camp and/or Scouting in general. Recipients must make application and are selected by a Bursary Selection Committee. Recipients are announced at the annual Alumni Weekend.

The Bursary is funded by designated donations and special fund raising activities like the bowling night and from other monies designated by the Alumni Executive Committee. For further information, please e-mail the Bursary Chair – Bursary@hsrsa.ca

2008 Bursary Award

The 2008 Alumni Bursary of $700 was awarded to Anne Leon at Alumni Weekend.  Like most HSR staff, Anne first came to HSR as a camper.  She applied to work on staff the next summer. Anne has been on staff since 2005, first as an SIT, and as a waterfront instructor since.

Bursary Chair Katrina Angel present the award certificate to Anne Leon

Anne began Scouts at four years of age in Beavers, staying involved all the way to being president of her Venturer Company, as well as Deputy Area Commissioner-Youth.

Anne graduated from high school this past June and is now attending the University of Guelph studying Environmental Management.  Anne connects her personal and career interest in the environment to her involvement in Scouting and her time at HSR.

Anne submitted a very strong application package for the Bursary, with multiple glowing references.  Having worked various jobs through high school to save for university, the bursary will allow Anne to work a bit less to focus on school.

2007 Bursary Award

During Alumni Weekend, Ian Hancock was awarded the 2007 HSR Staff Alumni Bursary, of $700.  Ian first came to HSR as an Adventureland North camper, then graduated to a composite camper.  He joined the staff as a SIT in 2004, has since held the positions of Trapper/Composite, Archery/composite, and this year is a Climbing Wall Instructor. (Ian returned in 2008 as Climbing Wall Instructor.)

Bursary Chair Katrina Angel presents the award certificate to Ian Hancock

Ian has been a member of Scouting since the age of 5, beginning in Beavers.  When Ian moved up to Venturers, he looked for something different than a traditional Venturer Company, and joined a MedVent (Medical Venturers) Company. His experiences with the MedVent Company lead to an interest in paramedicine as an educational and career path.  Ian has completed his first-year of Paramedicine, a joint program offered by University of Toronto and Centennial College.  In addition to standard tuition fees and costs associated with post-secondary education, Ian is required to purchase equipment related to paramedicine such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, etc., which the bursary award will help with.

2006 Bursary Award

The Alumni awarded its 15th Staff Bursary at the 2006 Alumni Weekend. Dean Janowski (2002-2008) from Kitchener, was the recipient of the $700 award.

Dean Janowski receives his bursary certificate from Bursary Chair Katrina Angel

Like most staff, Dean was introduced to HSR as a camper. Dean has been on staff for five years beginning in 2003 as a Staff-In-Training, moving on the (barely) paid staff position of Composite/ Climbing Wall instructor in 2003, to Maintenance from 2004 to 2006.

Dean studied Psychology at university last school year, but found even though he achieved high grades that it was the not the path for him. He applied for Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training, and was one of 42 offered admission to Contestoga College’s program, out of 600 applicants.  Programs such as Firefighter Education have higher than average tuition, at approximately $5,400 per year.  In his application, Dean stated, “I finally know what I want to pursue, now it is only a matter of gaining knowledge for my field of study.  The aid of this bursary will help grant me extra time to fulfil my commitments in schooling without constantly working outside of school hours to help pay for my schooling.”